History a significant impact on Polish-Ukrainian relations — Duda

Historical past has a significant impact on the Polish-Ukrainian relations. Poland together with Ukraine is ready to honor Ukrainian heroes, but do not agree to the glorification of those who are considered criminals. About it in interview to TV channel TVP1 said the President of Poland Andrzej Duda.

«We have the right to firmly demand to be shown the historical truth, and historical truth means the absolute ban on the glorification of those who were murderers,» said Duda.

He stressed that Ukraine has its own problems with the formation of national consciousness. According to the Polish President in Ukraine has its heroes, to which Poland also recognizes heroes.

«Those who today are killed in the East of Ukraine, protecting a sovereign, independent and free Ukraine. Those who died, as the Heavenly Hundred. And the heroes that we are ready to celebrate with you (Ukrainians – ed.) – heroes of the struggle for a sovereign Ukraine, which is really free and independent from alien influences,» said Duda.

The Polish President noted that he, in particular, asked Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko to change the law, enacted in April 2015, which the OUN and UPA are recognized as formations that fought for the independence of Ukraine and which are accorded the appropriate honors.

«These issues have a strong impact on the Polish-Ukrainian relations. They will not be good until these things are resolved,» said Duda.

According to him, in the relationship between States is to seek and to honor the heroes. Duda noted that last year the Polish Parliament established a new award «the Eastern cross», which will be awarded to foreigners who helped the poles, persecuted for their ethnicity during 1917-1991.

Duda also expressed its expectation that during the next forum of historians of both countries will be based «Institute of good neighbourliness», and his task is to find and honor individuals who during the tragic events of the saved people of other nationalities.

Note that the leader of the ruling party of Poland «law and Justice» Jaroslaw Kaczynski believes that the future of Polish-Ukrainian relations «in question» because of the interpretations of Ukraine’s own history — in particular, the role of the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA). According to Kaczynski, the future of Polish-Ukrainian relations depends on what the attitude to history in Ukraine.

In Poland, the OUN and UPA considered directly responsible for the murder of poles in Volhynia in 1943-1944, resulting in lives lost, according to the Polish sources, tens of thousands of poles.

Recall, 8 September 2016, the MPs have adopted the statement of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine «In connection with the adoption by the Senate and the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, regulations of 7 July 2016 22 July 2016 on the evaluation of the Polish-Ukrainian conflict during the Second world war.»

Ukrainian MPs have described the decision of the Polish Sejm and Senate on the Volyn tragedy by politicizing the Ukrainian-Polish historical pages and said that it is necessary with the proper respect and equal concern to honor the memory of all victims on the territory of both States.

MPs urged historians to conduct professional dialogue with the aim of realizing all is still not clarified the facts and circumstances of history based on reliable archival materials, leaving a space for each side to interpret historical facts, and politicians of Ukraine and Poland — to stop instrumentalisierung historical science for the sake of temporary political gains.

Later, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski said about supporting the work of the historians of reconciliation between the Ukrainian and Polish peoples.

History a significant impact on Polish-Ukrainian relations — Duda 03.02.2017

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