Hire about disclosure agents NABOO: It’s not just specifically to discredit the person, and looting in the rear of my colleagues

The «war» against the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), the General Prosecutor of Ukraine (GPU) has violated the rule to disclose information about embedded agents and officers working undercover. About this Facebook said the MP from the Bloc Poroshenko Mustafa Nayem.

«As a former Minister of internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko (the attorney General. – «GORDON») knows about this rule, as well as knows what irreparable blow causing the public disclosure of agents and their personal data. Official opening of «agent Katya» is not simply the discredit exactly one participant of the process, and looting in the rear of the colleagues. In fact, Yuri V. own hands, avenged the detectives NAB for the case against Borislav Rosenblatt and Maxim Polyakov (the MP and the MP from the «popular front». – «GORDON»), which he praised yesterday», – he wrote.

According to Nayem, «such actions demoralize the entire intelligence network, inspires doubts as to existing employees under the guise of not only NABOO, but also in other organs, and generally undermine the institution of undercover agents».

«Now every employee knows that in the political interests of their personal data and photos will be posted on the Internet. In the end, agents of NABOO, as well as SBU or of criminal intelligence of national police not to blame for the fact that politicians can’t divide the ratings and flows,» he said.

The MP said he did not understand why «throw in the network and to convey to journalists the data agents».

«Not to mention the fact that by itself this information is a state secret, the disclosure of which is a criminal offense and is within the sphere of jurisdiction of the SBU. Recently, this article was started the proceedings against Artem Sytnik (Chapter NABOO. – «GORDON»). I hope that Yury Lutsenko and Vasyl Gritsak (head of the SBU. – «GORDON») has the guts and in this case,» says Nye.

He noted that waiting for the GPU, «who helped to run the» former people’s Deputy from Party of regions Sergey Klyuev and the judge of the Dnieper district court of Kyiv Nikolay Chaus, beating people on Bankova street in Kiev on 1 December 2013, the names and photos of the searches, «the investigators that are on the circuit compete Yuriy Lutsenko in front of his son», as well as members of the colony, «which threw out the video from the camera of Yulia Tymoshenko».

«Then why bring courage and efficiency?» asked Nye.


Hire about disclosure agents NABOO: It’s not just specifically to discredit the person, and looting in the rear of my colleagues 01.12.2017

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