Him and Merkel are planning to March to agree on a reform of the Euro zone

The President of France Emmanuel macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel intend to March next year to agree on a reform of the Euro zone. About this policy, stated on 15 December after the EU summit in Brussels at a joint press conference that was broadcast on the website of the European Council.

According to Merkel, it’s the appropriate time for structural changes and further development of the single currency area. The Chancellor called for closer cooperation of the Eurozone countries.

Macron added that in 2018 it is planned to make a plan-schedule of reforms. According to the President of France, until March, it should be clear what could be the first steps, and in June it will be possible to start discussing their implementation.

In September, macron unveiled a plan for a major reform of the EU until 2024. It provides for a common Eurozone budget for joint investments and ensure stability in times of economic shocks as well as the introduction of the post of the Minister of Finance and parliamentary oversight at the European level.

In this case, said the French President, we are not talking about transferring the debt obligations of some countries on others what you fear in Germany.

Currently, the Eurozone unites 19 countries of the European Union, the official currency which is the Euro.

Him and Merkel are planning to March to agree on a reform of the Euro zone 16.12.2017

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