Hillary Clinton won in South Carolina

Former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton won the primary election conducted on Saturday by the Democratic party of the United States in South Carolina.

On it informs Agency Reuters.

Her opponent in the presidential race among Democrats — Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders congratulated her success, but said that the electoral «campaign is only the beginning.»

Now ahead of «super Tuesday» is March 1, Democrats will hold primary elections in 11 States.

On the other hand, Clinton also said that after the victory in the South Carolina campaign «is a national».

«We don’t need to again make America great — she had not ceased to be such. But we need to make it holistic,» said former us Secretary of state.

Thus she tries to object to the Republican Donald Trump, the main slogan of which is «let’s Make America great again.»

Recall that the U.S. presidential elections will be held in November 2016. The current U.S. leader Barack Obama has fulfilled two terms and is ineligible to run for a third consecutive.

Hillary Clinton won in South Carolina 28.02.2016

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