Hg spoke about the «informants» of militants in zaytsevo and limitation of movement of the OSCE mission

First Deputy Chairman of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE Alexander Hg declares the importation militants in zaytsevo people to «inform» the OSCE mission about the attack on the village.

About this hug said at a briefing in Donetsk, UNIAN reports.

Thus, he commented on the situation in the village zaytsevo that night was fired. In particular, he was asked to answer why observers are not analyzed in the village the location of the lesion after attack, and why the mission representatives spoke with only three persons at a time when significantly more people wanted to communicate with the OSCE observers.

Answering the question, Hg stated that he knows the person who asks this question. «For those who don’t know, this woman is a «Ministry of information», and works together with Basenem of the so-called «Ministry of defense» here in Donetsk,» — said Hg.

«When we were about to leave the village, a group of civilians were on the road, but they were not local residents of this village. And I also saw Basurin was hiding in the house, which was behind this group of people. When we left the village, the Vote passed us in his car on the way to Donetsk. You can pass Basurina that I’m ready to communicate with him directly, not necessarily a bus to bring people in order to do this indirect communication,» said hug.

However, he said that observers of the mission it became known that in the village after the shelling of the crater remained, and the observers wanted to see these places, but the militants «DNR» could not protect observers from concerned people.

According to Haug, in February, observers have counted 55 cases of limitation of movement in the Donbas, most of them in occupied territory.

Hg stressed that the freedom of movement of mission is a key element for the implementation of observation in the Donbass.

«In January of this year we were limited in the displacement of more than 90 times in the conflict area in the Donbas, and the vast majority – more than 80% of these restrictions – it happens in areas that are not controlled by the government (of Ukraine). And in the middle of February we already counted 55 such serious limitations. And again, the vast majority of these restrictions had happened beyond the control of the government of Ukraine territories», — said Hg.

He called the findings of the mission in connection with the restriction of freedom of movement in the Donbass. «One conclusion is clear to us that those who we are limited in freedom of movement, don’t want us to see what is happening there, in that territory, where we are not allowed to proceed. The second conclusion — if we are not able to proceed further, and if we are limited, we can not fix did any of those requirements (in accordance with the Minsk agreements) with which they agreed,» said hug.

Hug said that the OSCE special monitoring mission and the Joint centre for control and coordination agreed to enhance cooperation in cases of obstruction of the work of observers in the Donbas.

Hg said that this morning, in Soledar held a meeting with Ukrainian and Russian generals from SCCC.

«We agreed that cooperation between the Special monitoring mission and the generals from the Joint center for control and coordination should be strengthened and improved,» said hug.

In particular, according to him, OSCE observers will require the intervention of SCCC in those cases where the work of the mission will meet the restrictions.

«I reminded them of their obligations under the Minsk agreements, and one important commitment is to promoting a full and comprehensive ceasefire along the demarcation line,» said hug.

Other obligation SCCC he called promoting the work of the OSCE mission in solving problems associated with process monitoring and control of the diversion of arms.

«And thirdly, they are also responsible in providing assistance to ensure our security,» said hug.

However, he said that while talking with representatives of the SCCC recalled that the Ukrainian and Russian parties should cooperate to achieve the above-mentioned liabilities.

Hg stressed that the OSCE special monitoring mission is concerned about the close placement of positions of the Ukrainian troops and militants in the Donbas near the frontline.

«We are also seeing at the moment is a new phenomenon that we are concerned. It’s the fact that the parties were close to each other on the line of contact, and we today, being in Jovanka, looking over the hill, could see from the extreme point of the Ukrainian positions front post so-called «DND», — said Hg.

In this regard, he noted that a similar situation is observed and on the road leading from Mariupol to Kominternove.

«If you leave Kominternovo – on the last post of «DNR» you can see the first Ukrainian checkpoint. And you know the situation near the airport better than me. And there you can see from any position of the so-called «DNR» advanced Ukrainian position on the other side in the Sands, Spartacus, all the parties are very close to each other,» said hug.

However, he stressed that this situation adversely affects the functioning of nearby settlements and local residents.

«In effect, it touches the village, homes are destroyed, and local residents are injured or killed,» said the Hg.

According to hug, the OSCE continue to fix the deteriorating situation in the Donbass, reports «Radio Freedom».

«In the last week or two we are witnessing the deteriorating situation and the increasing number of violations of the ceasefire. However, we observed that tightening of the fighting the civilian population begins to suffer any longer. We see an increase of destruction of property of the population, destruction of infrastructure, and the increased suffering of the population. Talking about the wounding and death as a result of fighting or because of unexploded mines that remained after the fighting,» said the Hg.

Recall, February 4, Hg claimed that 90% of the cases of failures of the OSCE observers in the passage falls on the fighters. «If someone does not allow us to move freely, he contradicts not only our mandate but also to Minsk. To date, the majority of violations occur in the territory not controlled by the government — more than 90 per cent,» said hug.

Hg has previously expressed the view that if the militants continue to open fire on the patrol of the special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE Minsk process will be terminated.

We will note, earlier Hg at a press conference in temporarily occupied by militants from the group «DNR» Donetsk claimed that Pro-Russian terrorists from the group «LNR» January 15, fired at the drone of the OSCE. He stressed that the militants hinder the work of the observers mission on the territories under their control. As an example, he cited several cases of obstruction of the work of the mission. Hg also said that in Gorlovka militants, pointing his gun at the observers, those forced to lie on the ground.

Hg spoke about the «informants» of militants in zaytsevo and limitation of movement of the OSCE mission 17.02.2016

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