He will make his first presidential visit to Moscow

The leader of presidential elections in Moldova, the Chairman of the party of socialists of Moldova Igor Dodon called for the federalization of the country, called the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria «provocation» and gathered his first visit to Moscow. As UNIAN news Agency reports, he said in a broadcast on Russian state channel «Russia 24».

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Prime Minister Philip Dodon reminded that Moldova is a parliamentary Republic

Answering the question of how we will build relations with Ukraine, he said, «they are our neighbors, neighbors are not chosen, they need to have neighborhood friendships, as well as with the Bucharest».

«My first official visit will be to Moscow — I hope we can start to solve the problems that we have in our bilateral agenda», — he said.

Dodon said that he would seek early parliamentary elections in Moldova, as most now is the party that does not agree with his program. Commenting on the words of the leader that real powers are concentrated in the government, Igor Dodon said that the President is elected directly by the people and has more moral rights to demand changes to the Constitution.

«If the parliamentary majority does not agree with the President, who is elected by the people, then the President can go to a referendum to change the Constitution to ask for more powers or the dissolution of the Parliament,» he said.

Dodon said that the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU was a «mistake» and you need to build a strategic partnership with Russia.

«I think that the statements of some Moldavian politicians and Ministers on the corridor for troops from Transnistria – it was a clear provocation. My position remains unchanged. We have to give a special status for the Transnistrian region. I openly and support the idea of federalization of the country. I believe this is the only way out,» he stated.

In his words, to take concrete steps, you need to wait for the elections in Transnistria in December and early next year to sit down at the negotiating table and find a political solution to solve this problem.

As reported, on elections of the President of Moldova according to the results of counting 99% of ballots he received the most votes (52.5 per cent). Rival of Dodona – the head of the Party of action and solidarity Maia Sandu – received about 47%.

Prime Minister Philip Dodon reminded that Moldova is a parliamentary Republic

Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip wrote in Facebook congratulations to the new President Igor Dodon, reminding him of a parliamentary form of government in the country.

«In elections there is always a winner. I hope that the winner will be the people, and no one will have defeated. For that, people need to see a Mature approach from politicians. Moldova is a parliamentary Republic, where the key is the role of the parliamentary majority. We respect the democratic legitimacy of the new President and want to work together, on the basis of the agenda for modernization of Moldova,» wrote Philip.

He said that the Prime Minister will continue to perform the duties in accordance with the authority, including in regard to relationships with elected head of state.

«The reforms that we will implement, and the European future of Moldova depends on the work of the Parliament and the government. Because we need to move away from the election campaign and return to the reform agenda,» said Philip.

«You must abandon the artificially imposed during the campaign period which is, for instance, the rejection of the European path. The Association agreement with the EU and reforms are irreversible and are related to national interests. It is important to cooperate for success of the key reforms that are needed to modernize the country. Moldova needs the wisdom of cooperation, not tensions, and crises,» said Philip.

He will make his first presidential visit to Moscow 14.11.2016

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