He declared that he was ready to participate in the parliamentary elections in Ukraine

The leader of the movement «Ukrainian choice» Viktor Medvedchuk said that he was ready to participate in the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. He said this in an interview to «BBC Ukraine», published on 30 March.

Medvedchuk said that Ukraine needs to build a pragmatic relationship with Russia. According to him, «we’re not talking about the Eurasian economic Union, another form of economic integration – the Customs Union», but to «build economic cooperation, which will bring more benefits to citizens and States, this is the only way».

To the question: «And Crimea what to do?» – Medvedchuk said: «we talk later».

The leader of «the Ukrainian choice» reported that, according to opinion polls, «the majority of the Ukrainian population» does not think that Russia is to blame for the war in the Donbass.

He also quoted the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin said in 2016: «First I got disconnected, and then was vented, and we ourselves are to blame. And we need to find a way out of this situation.» Medvedchuk added that by these words is signed.

Responding to a comment that he may almost be ready political agenda to go to the presidential elections in 2019, Medvedchuk said: «In the presidential election is not going to participate. In the parliamentary – probably, Yes.»

He stressed that once take for himself the final decision, will announce whether it will join the lists of existing parties, or create new political force.

According to Medvedchuk, «today there are two political parties, professing the same principles, – the Oppositional block «For life».

He added that two political forces that it supports, ideas and programs that are close to him. The leader of «Ukrainian choice» emphasized that does not rule out the possibility of joining one of these parties.

The next parliamentary elections in Ukraine should take place in 2019.

According to media reports, Medvedchuk is the godfather of Putin.

He headed the Administration of President Leonid Kuchma from 12 June 2002 to 21 January 2005. From may 2015, Medvedchuk is part of the sub-group on humanitarian issues in the framework of the Minsk tripartite contact group. Subgroup deals with the exchange of prisoners in Eastern Ukraine.

According to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the leader of «Ukrainian choice» was the most effective in negotiations with Russia on the release of the Ukrainians detained militants in the Donbas.

He declared that he was ready to participate in the parliamentary elections in Ukraine 30.03.2018

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