Hashim Thaci was elected President of the partial recognized Kosovo

The deputies of the Kosovo Parliament elected on Friday, 26 February 2016, a famous Kosovar politician, the leader of the Democratic party of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, President of the Serbian province, which declared unilateral independence, according to «Interfax-Ukraine» with reference to the European media.

His election also confirms the Radio and television of Serbia (RTS).

The deputies from the opposition trying to disrupt the voting procedure in sprayed tear gas at a meeting convened for the election of the President. Their dissatisfaction has caused the nomination for President of the country Thaci, still head of the foreign Ministry of Kosovo.

«This is a great duty and responsibility to serve the country and the people of Kosovo. I thank the members of all those parties that voted,» said Thaci in his first address after his election to the post.

According to Thaci voted 71 members of Parliament, while 10 votes were declared invalid.

The only rival Tachi was Rafet Rama, who was also of the KDP.

In the first round of Thaci received 50 votes of the deputies, the Frame received four, and 27 votes were declared invalid.

The vote was accompanied by riots in the streets of Pristina, where demonstrators pelted the police with firebombs and stones. As a result of the collision injured 12 people, including 11 policemen.

Earlier, Thaci thrice occupied the post of Kosovo Premier.

Recall, from Wednesday, February 24, polanska right of the Kosovar opposition, which opposes the extension of the rights of the Serbian population, had announced the indefinite protest in the square in front of the Parliament building, where ustanovleny tents. The opposition demanded the resignation configured on a compromise with Serbia government and early parliamentary elections.

It is worth noting that Ukraine still has not recognized the independence of Kosovo, considering it a manifestation of separatism. The same position in Europe adhere to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Georgia, Romania, Spain, and Israel, Iraq, Iran, India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and other member countries of the UN.

Hashim Thaci was elected President of the partial recognized Kosovo 27.02.2016

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