Harvard will soon begin testing brain chip to restore vision

At Harvard created a chip stimulating visual cortex of the brain and creates a simulated view without using his eyes. Testing it on primates could begin in March 2017.

It is reported by hi-news.

«To solve the problem, at Harvard medical school decided to place the implant into the surface of the brain — so he will remain in working condition. For reasons of clarity, the second control group of primates, the chip will be implanted inside the brain and then compare the results obtained… In this case the role of the eyes will fulfill the camcorder, whose signal is transmitted on a microscopic implant that stimulates brain activity», — stated in the publication.

The ultimate goal of the project is to help a monkey to navigate, perceiving light, shadows and geometric shapes.

The microchip implanted in the brain and help people with disabilities to start again to live a full life, a long time ago are being tested, allowing, for example, to keep the people items paralyzed arm.

Despite the fact that scientists are well advanced in creating such brain implants, the technology is not without drawbacks, because over time the chips implanted in the brain stop working due to the fact that the electrodes acquire fabrics that will not allow the chip to interact with the brain at the proper level.

Note, two residents of Britain who suffered complete blindness for many years, was able to partially recover their vision ability with the revolutionary technology. On the back of their retina, was assigned to microchips, which enabled patients to see light and the outlines of certain objects.

Harvard will soon begin testing brain chip to restore vision 12.02.2017

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