Harms said that France is the last country in the EU, which inhibits bezviz for Ukraine

Three years after the outbreak of war in Eastern Ukraine, Europe has a better understanding of the strategy of Russia. The EU should abolish visas for Ukrainians, but there is no specific date.

On Friday 27 January at the opening of the forum «Europe-Ukraine» in the Polish city of Rzeszow has stated MEP Rebecca harms, reports «UKRINFORM».

«After three years of independence we better know the Kremlin’s strategy than before,» — said the MEP.

Harms added that Europe must realize: all that Russia is doing against Ukraine in the East and in Crimea, it makes also against the EU.

The MEP spoke positively regarding reforms in Ukraine, noting that European institutions are interested in positive changes in the country.

Harms also said that according to the latest information from the German foreign Ministry, France is the last country which hinders the granting Ukraine visa-free regime.

«But Ukraine will soon have a visa-free regime, although there is no specific date for its introduction,» stated the MEP.

She added that Europe must understand that for Ukrainians it is a symbol of trust between Ukraine and the European Commission.

As reported, earlier the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Konstantin Eliseev said that the European Union has postponed granting Ukraine a visa-free regime due to the positions of individual members: «Now I would speak only about France. Despite the fact that the French side perceives this fact sensitive, it must be admitted. I hope France won’t delay the technical procedure until the presidential election in April 2017».

Harms said that France is the last country in the EU, which inhibits bezviz for Ukraine 28.01.2017

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