Hackers stole from the «Bank Credit Dnepr» $1 million

Hackers stole from the «Bank Credit Dnepr» about $1 million this is stated in the definition of Pechersky district court of Kiev, launched 6 Nov.

«In April 2016, the hacking criminal group, the jury which consists of citizens of Russia and Ukraine, through the distribution of malicious software in the information system «Bank Credit Dnepr» created an unauthorized payment document for the transfer of $950,8 thousand to the company Far Sight International LTD in Chinese Bank Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 12 Zhong Sham Dong Yi Lu Shanghai», – stated in the materials of the court.

Then this amount was illegally transferred to the account of the company, and the members of the hacker group with the complicity of the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan withdrew money through ATMs in China.

In court materials it is said that criminal proceedings were opened only in June of this year.

The actions of members of criminal group are classified under articles of the Criminal code «fraud», «theft», «malware», «illegal actions with the payment documents, unauthorized interference in the operation of the software».

Hackers stole from the «Bank Credit Dnepr» $1 million 14.11.2017

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