Hackers IG said about the theft of personal data of employees of the state Department

A team of hackers supporting the terrorist group «Islamic state», announced the abduction of personal data — names, phone numbers and other information employees of the U.S. Department of state, Fox News reports. As evidence, the hackers posted several screenshots, vowing to «crush» the United States.

«Your system was unable to repel our attacks. Now we’ll crush you again,» — said in a statement the group «United cyberlife» (United Cyber of the Caliphate).

Last Friday, the hackers said that they have at their disposal personal data 18 thousand employees of the security agencies of Saudi Arabia. Earlier last week it became known that associated with the ISIS group of hackers has posted online the names of more than 3,500 new Yorkers with the comment «We want them to be dead.»

The state Department not made any official statements about it. But on the eve of the newspaper the New York Times announced that U.S. President Barack Obama during a meeting April 25 in Hanover, Germany with leaders of France, Germany, great Britain and Italy françois Hollande, Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Matteo Renzi will discuss the possibility of using cyber weapons against ISIS.

The article said that the American leader will offer to open a new front against terrorists using cyber weapons.

Among potential applications of the cyber weapon called: the introduction and conclusion out of operation of communication systems, blocking the transfer of money to the militants, the failure of the system of electronic payments, the article says. In mid-April, first Deputy Minister of defense Robert Wark told CNN about the first case of the use of cyber weapons against ISIS, however, is not explaining what types of weapons involved.

In the project U.S. military spending in the 2017 financial year, funds allocated to the fight in cyberspace, were increased to 35 billion dollars of five years. The project needs approval of the U.S. Congress.

We will remind, in January the head of the national intelligence of the USA was the victim of a hacker attack. Before that computer criminals were able to gain access to network resources Federal Bureau of investigation.

Hackers IG said about the theft of personal data of employees of the state Department 26.04.2016

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