Hackers broke into the page of The New York Times reported about Putin’s plans to attack USA

Broken into by unknown hackers page of The New York Times on Twitter posted a message about the plans of Russian President Vladimir Putin to attack the US. Information appeared on the afternoon of 22 January, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

In particular, the message contained the notice «Urgent. From the statement of Vladimir Putin is that Russia will strike a missile attack on the United States.»

Later acoount NYT video posted the message: «We removed a series of tweets published this account without our permission. We are studying the situation.»

The publication the Hill reports that the page NYT video could ‘hack’ hackers from the team OurMine, which were previously spread rumors about the death of Elizabeth II and singer Britney Spears.

According to media reports, OurMine involved in hacking the pages of Marvel, Netflix and Sony Music Global. According to the newspaper, OurMine can hack Twitter accounts for promoting their services «security audit» — page breaking celebrities or technical managers, the group offers its services.

After reports about the plans of Putin on the NYT page there was a message from OurMine, who noted that not involved in the burglary: «We have noticed unusual activity (account NYT) and re-hacked it to ensure that it will slemany Account was «broken» by hackers involved in the hacking of Sony Music page, they have the same IP».

We will remind, in 2015 a group of unknown hackers broke into the accounts of several American media on Twitter and spread the message about the beginning of hostilities between China and the United States. On behalf of the Pope cybercriminals announced the beginning of world war III.

Hackers broke into the page of The New York Times reported about Putin’s plans to attack USA 23.01.2017

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