Hackers broke into government websites of Venezuela

Hackers calling themselves The Guardians Binary, 7 Aug hacked about 40 government websites of Venezuela and placed them on the calls for continued protests against the current government. About it reports Reuters.

Among the hacked websites were page election Commission of the country. There is a video clip from Charlie Chaplin’s «Great dictator,» which Chaplin calls not to surrender «people who despise you and enslave that control your life, telling you what to do, think and feel.»

Were also attacked the website of the Venezuelan government, with the hackers was placed the inscription, «the days of dictatorship are numbered,» informs BBC.

April in Venezuela, held mass protests against changing the Constitution, they became victims of more than 100 people.

30 July in Venezuela passed a vote of delegates to the constitutional Assembly, which, according to the plan of President Nicolas Maduro have to change the basic law in force since 1999.

On July 31, the President said that the government won the elections for the constitutional Assembly.

Hackers broke into government websites of Venezuela 08.08.2017

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