Hackers attacked the Czech foreign Ministry

Hackers broke into the email of the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Lubomir Zaoralekand his deputies and other employees of the Embassy. First, the cyber attacks reported in the Czech press, and on Tuesday, January 31, at a press briefing in Prague information was confirmed by the head of the Ministry. According to Zaoralek, who leads NEWSru.com citing Reuters, the attack style was similar to the hacking of the servers of the National Committee of the US Democratic party.

As noted by the foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, according to experts, the attack was probably carried out by the foreign government. Hackers broke into dozens of e-mail addresses of employees of the foreign Ministry. Lubomir Zaoralek stressed that no confidential information was not stolen.

Attacks on servers of the Ministry of foreign Affairs occurred in the last few days, earlier in an interview with Info.cz said the country’s defense Minister Martin Stropnicky. According to him, although the victims of the actions of intruders became the leadership of the Embassy leak of classified information occurred. It’s unclear who was behind the attack, noted in the message.

In a press-service of the Czech foreign Ministry has confirmed to journalists the fact of cyber attacks and said that the conduct of the investigation in cooperation with the National cyber security center within the National Directorate of security of the Czech Republic (NBU). According to the press-Secretary of the Ministry Michaela Lagronova, access to materials marked «confidential» hackers could not be obtained. The foreign Ministry will work to strengthen security to prevent such attacks are not repeated, she said.

Meanwhile, the publication Neovlivní.cz claims, citing its own sources, that the hackers received, including classified information. Consider the situation serious as a data breach concerns not only the authorities of the Czech Republic, but allies of the country.

A year ago, the Czech press reported that hackers attacked the email of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. Part of the correspondence of the head of the government appeared in the Network. As wrote the newspaper «Prague Telegraph», the mailbox of the head of the government hacked hackers group White Media.

The attackers stole dozens of letters from personal electronic mailbox policy registered in the portal Seznam.cz. The company has stated that their systems were breached were not. Most likely, the hackers just figured out the password to the box Sobotka, said the press service of search engines.

As a result, the hackers gained access to dozens of emails of the Prime Minister, to discuss migration policy issues, the negotiations of representatives of the Czech social democratic party, which is chaired Sobotka, with partners in the government coalition, budget allocation, tender for road tax collection, the situation around the Czech reserves of oil in German storage, and the election of the Director of the Czech radio.

Recall, for the past few months, the authorities of several countries have announced hacker attacks on strategically important objects. U.S. authorities believe that the Russian hackers were trying to affect elections held in November last year, acting in favor of the victorious subsequently the candidate of the Liberal party of Donald trump. In the end, leaving the Obama administration in late December imposed new sanctions against Russia and expelled Russian diplomats from the country.

Last week the press wrote that hackers attacked the resources of the Swedish armed forces, which command had to disable the computer system Caxcis used in military exercises in the country.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland came under attack by hackers, which is associated with the Russian intelligence services and attacks on the servers of the OSCE and of the democratic party of the United States, announced on the eve of the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita. According to him, the incident occurred in December 2016.

As for Ukraine, the Russians «put» servers of the Pension Fund, the state Treasury, the Ministry of transport, Ukrzaliznytsia, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Infrastructure and was left without light the Carpathian region. It is not excluded that a temporary blockage of the site of the Unified register of legal osib is also a consequence of their criminal actions.

Hackers attacked the Czech foreign Ministry 31.01.2017

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