Gunmen on a police BMW Oliynyk after the beating of students on Maidan several times wrote the official report about resignation

The suspect in the murder of a police passenger BMW Sergiy Oliynyk admitted that he led the cases against members of Parliament during the revolution of Dignity. About it on Thursday, 25 February 2016, told reporters after a court session in Appellate court of Kiev, reports «LigaBusinessInform».

The court postponed the appeal on patrol Oliynyk
Father patrol Oliynyk said that does not condemn the actions of his son during the pursuit of violators
Police Oliynyk agree on-house arrest wearing an electronic bracelet.

According to Olejnik, he signed the indictment and a motion for detention. «I was investigating the crime, signed the indictment and a motion for detention. Was this situation, and I couldn’t follow orders», he said.

At the same time, Oliynyk added that, in the investigator, at the beginning of the events on the Maidan (in particular, after the brutal beating of students near the Independence Monument) has written several reports about the dismissal, but they were not satisfied with the guide. «My report was considered after I sent him to the headquarters of the interior Ministry, and only a month later he was considered and after three months I was fired», — he said.

Previous resignations, he said, «at the level of Department was not considered».

Earlier, opposition MP Ihor Lutsenko (Batkivshchyna) said that Oliinyk allegedly involved in criminal cases against participants of Automaidan, in particular, he seemed to be questioned by the detainee «berkuts» Denis Sergienko, opened a case against him and made a request to the court about the detention for two months.

Then a graduate of the National University of state tax service of Ukraine worked as an investigator in the Obolon district of Kyiv. After the victory of the Revolution of Dignity he has successfully passed the certification and got a job in a new patrol police.

We will remind, in Kiev on the night of February 7 field officers in the pursuit, far exceeding the speed of the car BMW opened fire on the car from a service weapon, whereby he was mortally wounded one of the passengers — 17-year-old Mikhail Medvedev.

«In such cases it is necessary to use firearms to stop the vehicle by its damage… I was doing my job,» explains Olejnik.

On 18 February the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios reported that the gunman police Oliynyk
handed a notification on suspicion of abuse of power, attempted premeditated murder and premeditated murder. Patrol arrested.

The court postponed the appeal on patrol Oliynyk

The Kyiv court of appeals today, February 25, 2016, postponed consideration of the complaint of lawyers of a patrol Netpolice Sergey Oleynik, a suspect in the murder of a passenger of a BMW during the chase. About it reports «Gromadske of TV».

Presiding judge Bevz explained the decision late filing of case materials.

«Materials appeal came to court today at 12:00 noon. Prosecutors and attorneys believe that it is impossible now to consider the appeal,» said Bevz.

The appeal concerning a police officer last March 2 at 12:30.

The meeting was attended by parents Oleynik, arrived at the court of the Vinnytsia region. Also came to support his colleagues from the patrol police of Kiev.

Father patrol Oliynyk said that does not condemn the actions of his son during the pursuit of violators

Father patrol officer Sergiy Oliynyk, who is suspected of murder 17-the summer passenger of the BMW Mikhail Medvedev during a chase in Kiev on the night of 7 February, does not condemn the actions of his son. About this Volodymyr Oliynyk said in the course of communication with journalists, which was broadcast channel «112 Ukraine».

The patrol father expressed condolences to the family of the murdered guy, calling his death «a great loss».

«About Sergey I want to say that as a child he was fair, this is not an exaggeration,… what he has achieved until today, he had made himself I his actions do not condemn, because when there was a lot of words of «Automaidan» (I’m still a little bit to say what almost no one knows) when he worked in the investigation and the first time they took on the UCP (protection of civil order — ed.) at the Institute, when he came out and said, he wrote a report to the head of the investigation, to resign. The head of the investigation he this statement was not accepted. Then he wrote a second, and so it went until he as much in the Directorate of custom wrote. When he resigned from internal Affairs bodies, there was a time, he sold seeds, he wanted to live and be independent. When they began recruiting in the police, you should have seen his eyes with joy when he said, «Dad, I am, what I can do with the same people who come to the screening, we can do something to change, to make this reform.» He is much liked,» — said Oliynyk senior.

He noted that his son was proud that I passed the selection in the patrol police.

«When he passed the first selection, the second and third, when they scored, I don’t remember, over 30 thousand people, he was proud of it. When it went to school, it was limitless, and when he was, he lacked 0.7 points to be the best group there. And he always gladly went to their change, nor by one of the employees he did not say who does not, the staff of the patrol police was chosen such that is really worthy of something in Ukraine to change. But it happened … I’m not judging, I only support him, and the whole village supports our, and the whole area. He carried out his duties,» said father COP.

Also Oliynyk senior stressed that, since 18 February, when the court took a patrol into custody, his family was not allowed to meet him. «Requested, but we were not given. We were sent one place, to the Prosecutor, then to the investigator, but did today and was not given (meet),» he said.

Wife Oliynyk noted that he had learned about his arrest from the media, as for questioning her husband originally called as a witness.

«I know Sergei is not my fault because he was at work that he carried out his duties. And every time he came off shift, he was proud that he is a COP and he is part of reforms to make Ukraine cleaner of all this dirt. And said, «everyone has a conscience, and everyone goes to bed with his conscience, we must do everything according to conscience»… He just went as a witness for questioning, but the fact that it closed, I learned on the Internet when I was home, I didn’t even know that,» said Natalia Oliynyk.

Police Oliynyk agree on-house arrest wearing an electronic bracelet.

Police Serhiy Oliynyk ready for what it will take under round the clock house arrest. About it on air of TV channel «112 Ukraine» was declared by the lawyer of the suspect Evgeny Muzychuk.

«We are ready for a bracelet and possibly a personal guarantee. There are a number of MPs who have expressed a desire to take him on bail. The statements were filed in the Pechersk court, two people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko and Mustafa Nayem. Theoretically, the court could decide to pass on bail while the decision was not made,» the lawyer said.

He also recalled that Oliynyk was summoned for questioning as a witness on one of episodes in Krepostnoy lane during the revolution of dignity.

Gunmen on a police BMW Oliynyk after the beating of students on Maidan several times wrote the official report about resignation 25.02.2016

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