Gülen has called Erdogan a dictator and said he was not going to flee to Canada from the US

The preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom the Turkish authorities accused of organizing the coup in July 2016, in an interview with Reuters urged the world to step up pressure on Turkey for its democratization.

According to him, if the President of Turkey racep Tayyip Erdogan «will hear a strong voice USA, the EU, the European Parliament or Brussels, who says: «You do wrong, your justice system does not work», then maybe he’ll change his mind».

Gulen criticized Erdogan’s consolidation of power in the country, the pressure on the media and likened the Turkish leader of «the dictator.» The preacher was also supported by the Turkish opposition, but cautioned her from any violent action. Gülen added that he never supported the coup.

He also said that he will obey the order of extradition from the USA to Turkey, if such is issued, thereby denying the message of the Turkish authorities that he allegedly was going to escape to Canada.

Thus, gülen expressed his hope that the U.S. will not extradite him to the Turkish authorities.

In Turkey in July 2016, was an attempt of a military coup, the rebellion was suppressed within a few hours.

The authorities claim that the organization of the coup involved the opposition Gulen, and demand his extradition. Himself the preacher asked US not to meet the requirements of Turkey called Ankara’s request for extradition of a political vendetta.

August 4, 2016, the criminal court of Istanbul ruled on the arrest of Gulen. 30 Jan 2017 began in absentia the trial against Gulen. The Prosecutor’s office of Turkey’s demands for him to 3623 life imprisonment and 2923 years in prison.

Gülen has called Erdogan a dictator and said he was not going to flee to Canada from the US 12.07.2017

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