Gudkov: Russian and World experience show, that the boycott is almost not able to influence the outcome of elections

From more than 170 electoral campaigns in a world where the opposition used boycott to put pressure on the government, effective was only five. This was written by a former Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov in Facebook.

«The main political issue now is what to do with the presidential election, which, of course, no elections. The fork is very simple: to go and vote for any of the democratic candidates (in fact, against Vladimir Putin) or to participate in the boycott,» he said.

According to the oppositionist, participation in elections, better active non-participation.

«And the world, and especially the Russian experience shows that the boycott, alas, almost is not able to influence the outcome of elections and change something in the country,» he said.

Gudkov stressed that the boycott was effective only where there was a turnout and held mass protests.

«Then campaigning for a boycott made sense, because low turnout elections are recognized invalid. In Russia in the early Putin was a turnout, but in the middle of the zero it was canceled. We don’t even have the column «against all». In fact, non-participation in elections does not threaten the fifth term of Putin – simply do not notice. Well the turnout will be not 70% and 60%. In the mayoral election in Moscow was about 32% of what?!» he wanted to know.

The opposition leader recalled that in the Sverdlovsk region during the last elections of the Governor, which was not admitted politician Yevgeny Roizman, a strike is simply not noticed.

«Here at least you can understand the logic of the boycott: the other democratic candidates, in addition to Roizman, was not. The less people come to the polls – the more the percentage for the candidate from power. And the legitimacy… About her TV explain Dmitry Kiselyov Yevgeny Solovyov,» he continued.

Gudkov added that people don’t want to go to the polls, as Putin will not give up power voluntarily, however, the election campaign must necessarily be used.

«I see them as a springboard, as training and the opportunity to create the infrastructure for future campaigns, which still has a real chance to win: elections of the Moscow mayor, Moscow city Duma, heads of regional legislative assemblies. After the municipal elections in Moscow, which, unfortunately, many also boycotted, we had 267 independent deputies, the majority in 17 districts, almost 50 thousand supporters who supported the campaign. In preparation for the mayoral elections to pass the present course is to please the enemy,» he said.

The politician said that he decided to support the candidate of the «Yabloko» Grigory Yavlinsky, who is the only Federal politicians supported him in the elections to the state Duma and during the campaign, Gudkov in Moscow.

«In Moscow in this election, I will soon offer the option, which I hope will be a compromise for all: the supporters of the boycott, and supporters of the vote. He will give us the opportunity to use the elections, whereas the elections using us. Try to turn the Board,» concluded Gudkov.

Gudkov: Russian and World experience show, that the boycott is almost not able to influence the outcome of elections 30.12.2017

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