Gubarev was appointed as «mayor» Yasinovataya. The locals could not stand such a disgrace

A reshuffle in the top leadership of the «DND» has prompted residents of Yasinovataya to go to the rally under the walls of the Executive Committee. Unhappy with the appointment of the odious Paul Gubareva «mayor» of the town people started a protest. Another provocation by Pro-Russian militants on its Facebook reported the press center of the ATO.

«At the same time fighters from the side of DaPa and Spartacus started intensive mortar fire in the Sand and Experienced. To provoke our soldiers to return fire. Residents of Yasinovataya concerned that the rebels will shell the town to disperse a spontaneous protest, and accused once again the Armed forces of Ukraine», — noted in a staff.

In social networks write that the former «people’s Governor» of Donetsk were met by dozens of local residents with signs reading «Yasinovataya without Gubareva». They alternately chanted slogans, offering to get away, we asked the tough questions. It was insisted that the city was headed by the former head of the occupation administration Yuri Yanenko.

While trying to enter the building administration people just did not let him, becoming the living wall at the entrance. As a result Gubarev had to leave the area before the Executive Committee.

Note that the tough questions users have put on the page Gubareva. In particular, was interested in what he did with the money collected for humanitarian aid, commented on his alcohol and drug abuse.

Separatist Gubarev, who calls himself a «community leader «Novorossiya», 2 February appointed acting «head of administration» of the occupied Yasinovataya. The order of appointment was signed by the leader «DNR» Alexander Zakharchenko.

Previously, experts reported that the Kremlin is preparing to replace the leaders of the «DNR» and «LNR».

Gubarev was appointed as «mayor» Yasinovataya. The locals could not stand such a disgrace 03.02.2016

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