Guarantee Fund: from Khreschatyk Bank brought assets at three billion hryvnias

84% of the loan portfolio of legal entities of the Bank «Khreschatyk» in the amount of 33.38 billion — insider loans, 85% of securities — junk. This is stated in the official website of the Deposit guarantee Fund.

As noted, despite the fact that «on paper» value of the Bank’s assets included in the bankruptcy estate, was 8.13 billion, independent licensed appraisers estimated to UAH 2.65 billion.

«Today the Fund filed 66 applications about criminal offences aimed 220 claims and openly 270 enforcement proceedings including for the purpose of return derived by the TOP management of the Bank’s assets», — stated in the message.

52% in the asset structure of PJSC «CB «Khreschatyk», in the amount of 4 million UAH 305,48 is loans. Of these, the vast majority (93%) — loans to legal entities.

Despite the fact that «on paper» the cost of loans to corporate customers 005,68 is 4 million UAH, the independent valuation is almost five times less — 834,360 million UAH, is spoken in the message.

Also, as noted in the Fund, since the recognition of the Bank insolvent borrowers are not servicing their contract, despite the fact that carry out active business activities.

In addition, almost half of the loan portfolio of corporate clients the Bank is actually unsecured:

— credits to 1,068 billion was granted bail «junk securities»;

and another 0.57 billion under the pledge of property rights under contracts, or contracts of suretyship or even was initially unsecured.

«On the revealed facts of manipulation of the assets of the Authorized person of the Fund were submitted statements to law enforcement. On several counts — the ongoing trial,» said the Fund.

Recall that on 5 April 2016 NBU recognized Bank «Khreschatyk» insolvent, and the Deposit guarantee Fund introduced the financial institution under temporary administration.

The Prosecutor’s office convicted the 16 employees of the Bank «Khreschatyk» in the theft of more than 81 million hryvnia deposits.


24,9379% of its shares owned by the Kyiv city state administration.

An indirect Bank is owned by Andrey Ivanov with a share of 37.44% and Nikolay Soldatenko with a share of 24.2% of the shares.

Guarantee Fund: from Khreschatyk Bank brought assets at three billion hryvnias 10.02.2017

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