Grybauskaite about the exercises «West-2017» in Belarus: «Defiantly preparing for war with the West»

The President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite said that this year’s planned joint military in the framework of the Union state of Russia and Belarus «West-2017» demonstrate the preparation of these countries for war with the West.

«We see different threats, they grow. In particular, we anxiously anticipated (Russian-Belarusian) exercises «West-2017″, with the participation of a very large number of aggressive forces, pointedly preparing for war with the West», — quotes Grybauskaite portal Delfi.

In her words, «the threat from the East» makes the Baltic States to contact their partners (NATO) to provide the additional security guarantees. Grybauskaite also expressed the hope that next week she will meet with the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence and discuss the problems of national security of Lithuania. The head of state expects that the contact with the new US administration will be «very close».

Delfi notes that the meeting with Grybauskaite Pens will be held next week in Munich. It will also be attended by the presidents of two Baltic countries, fearing the «Russian threat», — Latvia and Estonia.

Recently Grybauskaite said that Lithuania trusts the new U.S. administration. Despite coming to power in Washington of the new administration, commitments to Lithuania the former US authorities, are performed. 2014 in Lithuania are American troops.

The number of American company is about 120 people. It is expected that the Lithuanian Parliament will consider the Treaty status of the us military in Lithuania next week.

«Things are as we expected,» — said the President of Lithuania. She said that he always talked about the need «to watch, not what is said and what is done.»

The exercise in Lithuania will also be often from the battalion hosted this year in Poland brigade. She also recalled that «in Poland has just appeared, more than 4,000 U.S. military near the border with Lithuania, very close to be able, if necessary, and to help us, we see a technique that is arriving to Europe by sea».

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In addition, in Lithuania, international is stationed a battalion of NATO, administered by Germany. Similar battalions are also posted in Latvia, Estonia and Poland. In these countries, they are managed by Canada, the UK and the USA.

On the morning of 10 February, Lithuania was delivered 10 M1A2 Abrams tanks of the U.S. Armed forces. The equipment arrived at the train station Gailiunai for unloading, said Friday BNS the representative of the mechanized infantry battalion of the Duke Vaidotas Loreta Kavalauskene.

In addition, previously, on February 6-7, at the station janevska area was delivered five infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) M2A3 Bradley, all-terrain vehicles and trucks, reports the website of the Ministry of defense of Lithuania. Delfi notes that the Americans not for the first time bring tanks to the exercise, but this time the tanks will be greater than it has ever been since the beginning of the host rotational forces in 2014. They are placed to deter Russia and to demonstrate us commitment to collective defence of NATO. According to the Agency, the Americans will bring tanks also in Latvia and Estonia.

As consistently emphasized grybauskaitė, the Lithuanian government in any case will not allow the invasion of Russian troops on its sovereign territory.

Grybauskaite about the exercises «West-2017» in Belarus: «Defiantly preparing for war with the West» 11.02.2017

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