Groysman: this year we will launch the energy efficiency Fund

The government has allocated significant funds for energy efficiency measures and modernization. About this at the government meeting on 28 February, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, reports the correspondent of the edition «GORDON».

«This year the State Fund for regional development allocated 6 billion UAH, part of which is provided on energy efficiency measures and modernization, are also provided for these purposes UAH 2 billion, of which 400 million is for «warm the loans.» In addition, this year we will launch the energy efficiency Fund,» – said the head of government.

Groysman stressed that the reduction of tariffs for utilities is necessary, first, to upgrade boilers and repaired the pipe, and secondly, to deal with energy losses: to insulate houses, replace Windows.

The law on the establishment of an energy efficiency Fund, the Verkhovna Rada adopted on 8 June. According to Vice Prime Minister – Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine Gennady Zubko, its implementation will allow to save on the modernization of residential buildings up to 50%.

The law provides for the creation of an internal hierarchical organizational structure of the Fund, which will consist of the Supervisory Board, the management, technical and financial offices. The bill sets out the principles of functioning of the technical and financial offices that need to coordinate projects independently from each other and focus on the maximum effect of energy savings.

For the law on the energy performance of buildings Parliament voted on June 22. The document provides for the introduction of mandatory energy efficiency certification for constructions, buildings and parts of buildings for lease for a period of more than a year, for buildings with a heated area of 250 m2, which are located in state bodies and conducted a reception of citizens.

July 20 both the law signed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

The energy efficiency Fund, the government has created 20 Dec.

Groysman: this year we will launch the energy efficiency Fund 28.02.2018

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