Groysman expects the Verkhovna Rada adoption of the five reform packages during the fall

Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that in autumn the Verkhovna Rada should adopt five packages of bills on the reforms. The Prime Minister said during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on August 30, the correspondent of «GORDON».

«This is a decision that will ensure our economic growth,» – said Groisman.

According to him, these bills can be taken either in the first or second reading, however, they are completely ready for parliamentary approval.

«This is pension reform, education reform, electronic trust services, medical reform, international financial reporting standards», – said Groisman.

According to him, the bills under the five packages of these reforms «are on the final stretch».

13 July the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading voted for pension reform. Her project the Cabinet approved on 17 may. Pension reform, in particular, implies the elimination of restrictions on pensions for working pensioners, the abolition of the special conditions of retirement, the gradual elimination of the deficit of the Pension Fund and more.

14 December 2016, the Cabinet approved the concept of the 12-year schooling, which will form the future strategy of the government in the matter of the reform of secondary education in Ukraine.

On 16 December the government approved the concept of development of e-services in Ukraine. According to the decree of the government No. 918, the implementation of the concept provided for the period up to 2020. During this period Ukraine needs to be implemented online services in all spheres of public life and also developed methods of electronic identification and authentication of citizens.

8 Jun 2017 Rada adopted the draft law No. 6327 on the state financial guarantees in medicine. They are encouraged to introduce the concept of «state guaranteed package» – a certain amount of medical services and medicines, which the state undertakes to pay at a predetermined uniform rate, approved by the Cabinet annually. Bill No. 6329 on the financing of primary health care based on rates capitalone Parliament rejected.

Groysman expects the Verkhovna Rada adoption of the five reform packages during the fall 30.08.2017

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