Groysman called the new date of Ukraine «bezveze»: February — vote in the EP, may-June — the «final solution»

Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that the final decision of the European Union on the introduction of a visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens can be made until June this year.

«In fact, now each month will be some technical procedures that will allow roughly, I think, to the June deadline to reach a final decision», — quotes the statement Groisman in the television broadcast, the Agency «Interfax-Ukraine».

In his opinion, the reason for the deferral of Brussels has become the migration crisis in Europe.

«There was a question to introduce a «fuse». If in the countries of visa-free regime how to take a prompt decision to suspend this mode… I think this month it will be voted on. I think so, because I have relevant information. And then we go for 3-4 months for a final decision on Ukraine and Georgia», — he stressed.

According to his estimates, Ukraine has fulfilled all the necessary conditions for visa-free regime with the EU.

Meanwhile, the employee of «Radio Liberty» Rikard Jozwiak announced a new date for approval by Parliament of a mechanism to suspend visa-free regime. According to him, this will be 13 February 2017.

In this case, the decision will be taken in priority order, not voting.

«Mechanism for suspension of visa-free regime will be approved at the plenary session of the European Parliament without a vote, most likely, on the 13th of February,» he said.

Earlier Jozwiak, citing its own data predicted that a visa-free regime of Ukraine with EU will come into force on 12 June. According to him, for Georgia a visa-free regime will come into force slightly earlier, on 29 March 2017.

Against Georgia, the journalist made a mistake only for three days: the Georgians have the right freely in the EU within 90 days of February 2 this year.

Groysman called the new date of Ukraine «bezveze»: February — vote in the EP, may-June — the «final solution» 10.02.2017

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