Group «Accident» in a new clip made fun of Russian jingoism

Group «Accident» published on its official YouTube channel the video for the song «Patriot», a spoof of Russian jingoism.

«In the video they tried on the images of the patriots, replicated media: a Cossack with fur hat and whip, accordionist in the cap, embellished with cloves, biker with a contrabass-balalaika, sports fan clothing with Pro-Russian symbols,» — said in comments to the video.

The biker can find the image of each President of the Russian Federation, the odious Russian biker Alexander «Surgeon» Zaldostanov, leader of the group «Night wolves», which is intended to hold a rally in Berlin on victory Day.

The clip also used the image of the Russian Director Nikita Mikhalkov.

«Song for the new and unusual, because we never spoke so straightforward. Before our language was more metaphorical, but I think it has outlived its usefulness. Therefore, the «Patriot» — a kind of experiment,» — said the group’s frontman, as well as music, text, script writer and video Director Alexey Kortnev.

Earlier, the Russian group «Leningrad» presented a clip about how Russian man drinks stress.

And Pussy Riot released a video about the corruption of the Prosecutor General of Russia.

Group «Accident» in a new clip made fun of Russian jingoism 24.11.2016

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