Groisman: the majority of political forces are ready to Welcome the formation of a new coalition and a new government

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Groysman expresses the readiness of the parliamentary political forces to form a new majority in the Verkhovna Rada and the new government.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is not a reason to delay reforms, says Hroisman

«I would like to inform that most of the democratic forces of the Ukrainian Parliament are ready to create a new coalition, new government, accelerate the implementation of all necessary reforms and implementing the European integration of our state», — said Groisman at a joint press conference with European Parliament President Martin Schultz on Monday, 29 February, in Brussels, transfers «Interfax-Ukraine».

He also downplayed the political crisis that arose in Ukraine. According to him, we are talking about a government crisis.

The Groisman noted that parliamentarians are configured to search for effective solutions, which in any case will not stop the reforms «on the path towards European future».

He said he believes that Pro-European majority in the Parliament will unite to make the necessary important decisions that will ensure «the transformation of our society and once and for all will create a mechanism that will not prevent any crises — neither economic nor political nor social. It is our duty».

«I am confident that we can handle it», — said Groisman and added: «And when they say that all is lost that we need to go for re-election, I think that the vast majority of people in this room, I can confirm: no, we still have a lot ahead and we have a lot of opportunities that we use to ensure that Ukraine was successful, despite opposition, as neither of us would have been told something else».

Groysman is confident that the political forces in the Ukrainian Parliament is able to find a compromise.

«The Ukrainian Parliament should turn into a solid phase stability», — said Groisman.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is not a reason to delay reforms, says Hroisman

Russian aggression against Ukraine is not a reason to delay the reforms.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the conference at the European Parliament in Brussels, reports UNIAN.

«We must daily prove that Russian aggression is not a reason, I emphasize it, to delay the reforms. After all this procrastination, I guess, is exactly what I would like to hear from us in Moscow. But will not wait» — he said.

Groisman said that the Parliament of Ukraine is ready to start reforms from themselves. According to him, last year in BP is «actively introducing new electronic technology designed to simplify daily workflow and provide greater clarity for citizens».

«Of course, that’s not enough,» he added.

He stressed the need to normirovanie the issues of attendance deputies of sessions of the Verkhovna Rada, ethics, discipline, the quality of the bills.

As reported, in Brussels on 29 February begins the week of Ukraine in the European Parliament, which runs until 2 March. The main theme of the high-level event is the reform of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Recall, 16 January the Verkhovna Rada listened to the report of the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on the government’s work in 2015, dismissed him, acknowledging that the work is not satisfactory, but during the vote of no confidence in the government has gained only 194 votes with the required 226. In accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, in the next three weeks Yatsenyuk is to propose a new composition of the government either to resign, otherwise it will be considered the question of confidence in him personally.

February 17, faction «Batkivshchyna» announced its withdrawal from the coalition. In September 2015 the coalition left Radical party of Oleg Lyashko.

Without representatives «Samopomich», «the BYuT representatives» and «radicals» in the coalition «European Ukraine» will remain 217 deputies at the minimum required 226 members to form a majority.

On February 19 the first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy said that the parliamentary coalition remains more than 226 deputies, and therefore it exists.

First Deputy head of procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Pavel Pynzenik said that legally the faction of the Radical party still resides in the composition of the parliamentary coalition.

The Prime Minister says that the necessary reformatting of the coalition and changes to the coalition agreement. Also Yatsenyuk is conducting talks on the future of the coalition with the leader of the «radical» Oleh Lyashko.

Many politicians and experts talk about the inevitability of early parliamentary elections.

Yatsenyuk said that he considers the current government is legitimate and wants to put an end to political uncertainty. «We appeal to the President and all national political forces. Or leave society with a realistic alternative program and an effective team able to deliver on that — only program, not campaign slogans. Or stop mutual hostility, shut the passion, step over personal feelings and support the action plan of the country this year», — stressed the head of government.

Note, the U.S. State Department urged the Ukrainian authorities to put aside personal interests, overcome differences and to continue the reforms.

Groisman: the majority of political forces are ready to Welcome the formation of a new coalition and a new government 01.03.2016

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