Groisman spoke about «political hysterics» and «delirium sivoy kobyly»

The Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Vadim Chernysh does not see anything wrong in the fact that children from the occupied territories will study at Ukrainian universities. He said this, commenting on criticism of the action plan for the implementation of the basic principles of the state internal policy in relation to separate areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, to remove the «speculation», writes the Ukrainian truth.

According to the Minister, this plan is aimed at countering the financing of terrorism; prevention of actions aimed at changing the borders of Ukraine; prevention of legitimization of illegal armed formations on the territory of ORDO and to establish contacts with representatives of terrorist organizations

«I don’t understand what is wrong is that children who are forced to remain on the territory which is now temporarily the government of Ukraine does not control, will have the opportunity to enroll and study in the universities of Ukraine. For someone so dangerous?» – said Blackie.

«It’s a tactic of manipulation to discredit the government’s decision, and in fact decisions of the government aimed at reintegrating people who live there, and territories in a single constitutional space of Ukraine», – he sulsul.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman statements the plan’s opponents commented: «bullshit. Well, honestly, I can name other words that not true?».

«You’re the legislators. If you think that we need another law to take – take, we will implement it. The government, unfortunately, does not accept the laws,» he added.

The Prime Minister is convinced that children from the occupied territories have the right to learn in a free Ukraine.

«Or if, for example, in Mariupol Slava Vakarchuk will give a concert – and people who want to come and listen to Ukrainian music, should be deprived of this right – I also don’t agree with it», he added.

«Do not blame the government in what is not…. If you have run out of political arguments that keep your rating, don’t look for new topics that can divide Ukraine. I such examples can cause a lot. How much did we hear different shit from different political leaders – let’s evaluate it,» – said Groisman.

«I would ask that perhaps the media failed this analyst, at least for myself, last year – what frightens us, and whether it is true, these predictions are ridiculous», he said.

Groisman also said that «isterichka» in politics have wreaked havoc: «Sometimes listening – help! The impression is that now this politician – he, she, it doesn’t matter – start to scream and enter into a trance from their statements. This is a disaster».

According to him, Ukrainians have «exposed nerves» and «the game on the stories and humiliating on the one hand, and insincere on the part of those who are trying this game on human emotion, on the trouble to make them to have a 1-2% increased ratings»

«I think it’s going, too. And many for it should be ashamed, and they should stay on the sidelines of political life. But it should make the Ukrainian society – no other» – said Groisman.

We will remind, the Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Georgy Tuka said that Ukraine will be able to return the occupied territories through non-violent means in autumn 2017 in the preservation of sanctions. In his opinion, high this process may be delayed until mid-2018.

Groisman spoke about «political hysterics» and «delirium sivoy kobyly» 18.01.2017

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