Groisman says Garden helpless

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman instructed the head of Lviv regional state administration to hold a meeting of the Commission on emergency situations and find a solution to the «garbage crisis» in Lviv. However, he sharply criticized the city government of Lviv, calling it helpless. On Jan 24, reported the press service of the government.

«I believe that the lions should be clean. It is the responsibility of the mayor personally and the city Council. But we can already see one week, a month, and probably year, which is systematically the problem of solid waste in such a beautiful city like Lviv, is not solved. Residents of the city should not suffer from mismanagement and helplessness of city officials,» said Premier at the meeting with Lviv Governor Oleg Sinyutka.

According to Groisman, the budget of the city for 2017 of $ 1.8 billion and with that money does not solve the problem — «simply unacceptable».

«I had the exact same problem, and I decided 7 years ago, and forgot that she was,» — said Groisman and recalled his experience on the post of the mayor of Vinnitsa.

He assured that if needed the government to promptly adopt the necessary decisions to help the city.

We will note, recently the media reported that the mayor Andriy Sadovy appealed to the city administration of Lublin, Poland with a request to pick up garbage in Lviv.

Problems with garbage removal from Lviv have been going on for several months. May 29, 2016 in the village of Velyki hrybovychi where is Lviv landfill, the fire started. The fire was soon extinguished, but the next day, a landslide occurred and under the rubble were four people — three rescuers and the employee of the municipal enterprise. The bodies of three of those people are found, and the fourth body could not be found.

SEL Great Grabovica after the incident, banned the lions take out the trash to the dump. After that, the city began to export waste to various landfills in the region and other regions.

Groisman says Garden helpless 25.01.2017

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