Groisman said that the extra fractional people’s Deputy on need to deprive of immunity

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said that the extra fractional people’s Deputy Vladimir parasiuk should deny immunity and to prosecute. The Prime Minister said during his working trip to Mariupol January 12, reports «UKRINFORM».

Answering the question of why Parasyuk is still an MP, Groysman said, «It is a great shame when a person, authorized by the state, allows himself to such behavior. I want to say here and weakness including law enforcement system.»

The Prime Minister noted that to remove parliamentary immunity from parasiuk can only Verkhovna Rada, but if these issues could be solved by the government and the Prime Minister, the problem would already be solved.

Parasyuk said in the comment to the edition «GORDON», Groysman urged him to allocate additional 20 million UAH for the County, subject to the vote the draft state budget.

«But, first, in the context of the current inflation 20 million to the County’s 175 million voters – it’s a penny. Secondly, the authorities will assume that I can buy. No, no the money’s not worth it. Need to change, not the budget deribanit,» said Parasyuk.

He also said that in the Ukrainian government as «liars and thieves», which sometimes left with no other choice but to literally fight them. «How many criminal proceedings initiated me into the fights? 13, 14, and 17. I do not know. What’s the difference? I do not know» – said the MP.

5 December 2017, the national police opened criminal proceedings in connection with the attack on the militiaman in the court of Appeal of Donetsk region in Mariupol. The investigation is underway under article 345 (threat or violence concerning the employee of law enforcement body) the Criminal code of Ukraine. In an interview with «GORDON» Parasyuk said that did not beat a police officer in the Mariupol court, and he considers the incident a provocation by the interior Ministry.

October 17, under walls of the Verkhovna Rada there was a skirmish between Parasyuk and Valery Geletey, a former defense Minister and head of the state guard. Parasyuk pushed the ex-Minister and kicked him with the words: «Hear, you, tvaryuka, even for Ilovaysk answer.»

In September 2016 in a live TV channel «112 Ukraine» there was a verbal altercation between the MP from the Opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul and Parasyuk, and finally scratched the keys on the car of his opponent the inscription «VLK FSO» («Vilkul, went to th…»).

Parasyuk was elected Deputy at the early parliamentary elections in the fall of 2014. 122 single-mandate constituency in the Lviv region voted for 56.56 per cent of voters.

Groisman said that the extra fractional people’s Deputy on need to deprive of immunity 12.01.2018

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