Groisman said that the conflict danyluk and Lutsenko will not affect Ukraine’s cooperation with IMF

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said that the conflict between Finance Minister Alexander Danyluk and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko will not affect Ukraine’s cooperation with the International monetary Fund (IMF), the correspondent of «GORDON».

Answering the question whether the situation around the conflict in terms of the next tranche of the IMF, Groysman said, «We are in cooperation with the International monetary Fund. Of course, Ukraine needs international financial assistance, while the key position is change and reform, we have, first and foremost Ukraine needs».

«I don’t think relations between the two officials can influence the interaction of a huge 45-million country with our international partners. Today I said this on the hour of questions to the government: I believe that officials should concentrate on performing their tasks and powers, and it is very important that we stopped in the country a war between different state institutions», – said Groisman.

He added: «I am Confident that no effects would not be here». The Prime Minister did not specify the timing of the provision of the next tranche of the IMF.

MP from the Bloc Poroshenko Sergei Leshchenko said that Danilyuk support of the IMF. According to the MP, the statements of danyluk to address Lutsenko indicate that in the USA is dissatisfied with work of the head of the GPU.

21 Dec danyluk demanded the resignation of Lutsenko. According to the Minister, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine is delaying the investigation of cases concerning actions of the former managers and owners of «PrivatBank». Danyluk accused the Prosecutor in the opening and active promotion of proceedings against incumbent officials of this Bank, Ministry of Finance and the national Bank. He stated that the meeting of the President of one of the former owners of «Privat» Igor Kolomoisky in Amsterdam, which the attorney General called random raises questions.

Lutsenko called the statement danyluk desire to avoid criminal liability. The attorney General said that the State fiscal service carried out an inspection and confirmed the non-payment by the Minister of 700 thousand UAH of taxes.

Ex-owner of «Privat» Igor Kolomoisky on the question, is it true that the attorney General was helping him, replied, «N…zdit. Danyluk…zdit».

The latest Memorandum of cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF signed in March 2015, within four years, the Fund needs to provide Ukraine with $17.5 billion In the framework of this programme the Ukrainian government has already received four tranches totaling $8.7 billion.

14 Oct danyluk declared that «realistic» estimates the likelihood of the receipt of the next tranche before the end of 2017, but on October 26 the national Bank of Ukraine said that they expect receipt of funds no earlier than the first quarter of 2018.

Groisman said that the conflict danyluk and Lutsenko will not affect Ukraine’s cooperation with IMF 22.12.2017

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