Groisman said that he would not prepare a submission on the dismissal of Muscovite

Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that to prepare a submission on dismissal of the Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal is not going to.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

«Nobody will talk to me on yazye ultimatums. Gennady Gennadievich, despite Your request, Your submission on the dismissal of cook is not going to. The work that needs to be done – and I hope that together — a lot. Let’s lay a new tradition regarding the appointment of managerial personnel in the customs service on the basis of public competitions with the participation of public organizations. And this tradition will start to implement it with the Transcarpathian customs,» — said Groisman.

As for the situation with the smuggling of the Transcarpathian customs reported by Moskal, Groisman, according to him, «no matter what kind of contraband comes through the custom — house, wood, cigarettes, nuts, alcohol or something else. What we have to do is not to decide what kind of contraband is worse, and to stop any smuggling at all. Said and I repeat – in the end, enough to plunder the country».

«So: Appeal to SBU and NABOO with the requirement to check all the facts that You cite in your letter,» — said Groisman.

«You, along with the leadership of the Transcarpathian customs are waiting for next week. And finally – only when all who have sincere intentions to bring order to our customs, will unite, we will succeed,» the Prime Minister appealed to the Russian.

As reported, the Russian sent an official appeal Groisman, which warned of the negative processes that begin to recover in Transcarpathia due to certain Central structures.

The address of Moskal posted on his official website, says that Transcarpathia «is given at the mercy of smugglers and turns on the green light for the illegal movement of cigarettes across the state border».

«Now in Transcarpathia there is a repetition of the situation that led to the bloody events of July 11, 2015 in Mukachevo. And I can’t be a bystander. To overcome smuggling in a particular region in the conditions, when the Central structures are not only not helping, but rather trying to restore the shadow scheme, is impossible. The state lost control of the situation with illegal production of amber, drug trafficking, firearms, crime and other negative processes in the society», — said Moskal.

Groisman said that he would not prepare a submission on the dismissal of Muscovite 06.05.2016

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