Groisman said that Gontareva promised to stabilize the hryvnia. Poroshenko is waiting for the IMF tranche in the coming weeks

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that the national Bank promised to stabilize the situation on the foreign exchange market and hryvnia exchange rate fluctuations are seasonal. About it said the Prime Minister during his working trip to Chernihiv on Tuesday, «Interfax-Ukraine».

Poroshenko expects arrival of IMF tranche in the coming weeks

«I talked Monday with the head of the National Bank (Valeria Gontareva— Ed.) and she clearly has me convinced that the national Bank will do everything to avoid speculative fluctuations and to stabilize the situation,» — said the Prime Minister.

According to him, Ukraine has enough foreign exchange reserves to stabilize the situation.

Groisman believes that the fall of the hryvnia due to the fall in business activity during the holidays, and seasonal fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

The Prime Minister stressed that raising the minimum wage did not affect the course as your first paycheck, based on a new low, not yet paid.

17 Jan quotes hryvnia to the dollar on the interbank market as of 10:30 were established at the level of 27.6-27.7 hryvnia per dollar.

As you know, the national Bank lowered the official hryvnia rate against the dollar to 6 cents to 27.72 hryvnia per dollar.

Poroshenko expects arrival of IMF tranche in the coming weeks

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko expects the next tranche from the IMF, Ukraine will receive in the coming weeks.

«I’m sure in a few weeks will be a meeting of the Board of Directors of the IMF and we need to get him (tranche – ed)», — he said in an interview with Bloomberg during his visit to Davos.

According to him, Ukraine in the end of 2016 has fulfilled all conditions to receive the next tranche. The President noted that steps were taken to stabilize the banking system, the nationalization of Ukraine’s largest Bank: PrivatBank.

Poroshenko also expressed confidence that Ukraine should have an effective cooperation with the IMF «and it is not just about money: more important is the message for investors».

By results of work in Kiev in the period from 13 to 17 November 2016 the mission of the Foundation made a statement on granting Ukraine additional time to complete the current phase of the EFF. «Despite the success, the authorities need additional time to implement policies to ensure medium-term fiscal sustainability, including the adoption of the budget for 2017 in accordance with the target indicators of the program, ensuring financial stability, and fighting corruption. Discussions in these areas will continue further», — stated in the mission statement.

In addition, the IMF expects the Ukrainian authorities to be more proactive in the fight against corruption, in particular, the prosecution of senior corrupt officials.

The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance Alexander Danilyuk claims that urgent need for money from the IMF anymore. According to him, this assistance is no longer critical. «All is lost» will not» — he comments.

As reported, the mission of the International monetary Fund (IMF) in the coming weeks to recommend to the Board of Directors of the Fund to conduct the third review of the EFF. On 12 January reported by the official representative of the Fund Jerry rice.

«I have her yet (the exact date of the meeting of the Board of Directors), but we expect it will be soon, in the coming weeks. Assuming that all the outstanding issues (requirements are met by the Ukrainian authorities) will soon be resolved, offer to complete the next revision of the program can be presented to the IMF Board in the coming weeks,» he said during the traditional press-briefing in Washington.

Groisman said that Gontareva promised to stabilize the hryvnia. Poroshenko is waiting for the IMF tranche in the coming weeks 17.01.2017

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