Groisman said about the need to ensure objective evaluation of physicians

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman stressed once again that the change of the health care system is one of the main priorities of the government and him personally.

As UNIAN correspondent, he said this during the strategic inter-Agency forum on «Reform of medicine: funding, management, primary medical care».

«I think that I will not open a secret if I say that the current state of health is absolutely awful, he is not satisfied with any of those who work in the system, or those who seek medical care,» — said Groisman.

According to him, the necessary decisions to change the health care system to «she adequately respond to the challenges that exist in our society.»

«For the government, for me personally the change the health care system is one of the most important priorities,» — said the Prime Minister.

Groisman also said that the health and the lives of Ukrainians is a priority.

«Unfortunately, for 5, 7 years Ukrainians live on less than our nearest neighbours in the European Union», — he added.

Hroisman recalled the steps taken by the government to improve the system, in particular, the introduction in 2017 of reference prices on medicines and that in the draft budget for next year increased by 2 billion UAH expenditures purchase drugs.

The Prime Minister also reiterated the need for the introduction of insurance medicine.

Groisman also stressed the need to implement steps to ensure an objective assessment of doctors and medical staff.

«We need to take steps for an objective assessment of the work of our doctors, medical staff. That is, we must clearly understand that those who provide quality medical care, they must receive quality decent wages», — said the Prime Minister.

Groysman reminded that in the draft budget for 2017, the government has approved increase in salaries of health workers by more than 20%.

«But we take into account? The increase in the minimum wage in 2017, twice — this would mean that on average 30% of Ukrainian medical workers will get more wages,» — said the head of government.

At the same time, the Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on health Olga Bogomolets said that the government must find mechanisms to increase the wages of doctors and also stated the need for the introduction of individual licenses for doctors.

«Today we get a license of medical institution. Individual licensing of doctors, which will be conducted through the Ministry of health or self-regulatory organization, will facilitate the opening of private practices,» she said.

Earlier, Deputy health Minister Pavlo Kovtonyuk reported that the transition to insurance medicine will begin in 2017 and will last until 2020.

He stressed that the introduction of insurance medicine will be accompanied by minimal changes in legislation.

According to the Kovtonyuk reform «Ukrainians can freely choose a family doctor and a pediatrician for their children and sign a direct agreement with a clearly defined scope of services, guaranteed and paid for by the state.»

While primary care physicians will be able to choose any organizational form of work — Fopy, clinics, out-patient clinics. The work will be paid according to the standards, depending on the number of prisoners physician agreements and compliance with medical treatment protocols and diagnosis.

In addition, the reform of the Ministry of health promises to speed up the procedure of licensing of medical practices, to simplify and to harmonise with the European legislation Dbny and Sanpins (sanitary regulations and norms) to open medical practices.

The reform envisages the introduction of new taxes or insurance premiums.

Groisman said about the need to ensure objective evaluation of physicians 17.11.2016

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