Groisman promised that the government will seek to reduce the prices of drugs since February and lack of them will not be

The government will achieve the decision on reduction of prices for medicines against hypertension, diabetes mellitus and bronchial asthma in Ukraine since 1 February. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said on air of the ICTV channel on Monday.

The shortage of medicines in 2017 will not be.

«I’m convinced that since February 1, when will come a new batch of drugs, we will achieve will begin to see a decline in prices for categories of these drugs,» he said.

Commenting on the statements about the alleged impossibility of reducing drug prices from 1 February, the Prime Minister said that he envisaged that a shortage of medicines as soon as the government start to restore order in the formation of prices for medicines.

«The main paradox lies in the fact that in Poland the prices on the same drugs cheaper, than in Ukraine. Once this paradox is approached, immediately began the attack on the government. We will go in a given direction. As for drugs, our task is to ensure the reduction of the prices in three categories — hypertension, diabetes and asthma,» — said the Prime Minister.

the government has identified the active ingredients in the formulations for the above three diseases, took for the similar drugs in five neighboring countries and identified the same price in Ukraine, said the Prime Minister.

«Said speculators, relatively speaking: «You will no longer earn only on the fact that you are a monopolist in this market», and put an end, – said Groisman. – Why Ukrainians earning less should pay more for drugs that they are vital?».

The government monitors the execution of the decision to reduce drug prices, there is a special group, noted the Prime Minister.

He noted that he had discussed this decision at the meeting with the pharmaceutical manufacturers, and will continue to hold such meetings.

«The decision was made, it should run… Our objective is to ensure the implementation of decisions, and we will achieve it», — stressed the head of government.

According to calculations, the steps aimed at timely provision of medicines for the chronically ill, will reduce disability and mortality from hypertension for about 18%.

The shortage of medicines in 2017 will not be.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman is convinced that in 2017 will be able to provide a strategic reserve of drugs to prevent a deficit. He declared it on air of TV channel ICTV on Monday, reports the government portal.

«For me it is important that no one disrupted the procurement process. From the time of purchase until delivery is a long period of time. But I believe that in 2017 we will be able to go to the day, to form a strategic reserve of these drugs to avoid deficit positions,» — said Groisman.

The government in the budget for 2017 increased funding for the purchase of medicines for UAH 2 billion compared with the year 2016 to 5.9 billion UAH, said the Prime Minister. According to him, only in 2016 for the procurement of medicines through international organizations saved over half a billion hryvnia.

«Imagine figures 5.9 billion, how much do we save, how we will gain more if you do not let steal, and how these drugs save lives of cancer patients or patients in difficult conditions,» — said Groisman.

«I’d like to see these drugs for these funds were purchased directly through international organizations, where there is absolute openness, publicity. I’d like to see us put quality drugs at quality prices, and not as it was before,» he said.

International organizations have the authority, global credibility, which ensures the honesty and openness of the processes. They also have the opportunity to purchase medicines directly from manufacturers, said the head of government.

«This means that it would be honest. Not Groisman be purchased, not Suprun, not someone else. Will be procured by international authoritative public organizations. What’s wrong with that? I don’t know,» said the head of government.

He also added that earlier in the procurement of drugs was corruption abuses: «the officials sat down, took billions and through the Ministry of health bought this medicine».

The position of the leadership of the Ministry of health in this matter is absolutely fair and open, said the Prime Minister. «We will continue to go, and we implement solutions that will allow us to purchase medicines in international organizations», — summed up Groisman.

Earlier Groisman said that the government accumulates enough cash to ensure that in 2017 to provide Ukrainians with free medicines. Groisman noted that we are talking about 18 programs are «chronically underfunded — insulin, hypertension, and many other things.»

Note, January 1, introduced a reference pricing system for drugs against cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type II and asthma, which should provide lower prices for drugs in these three categories.

The Ministry of justice has registered and published the corresponding order of the Ministry of health, with which medicine, registered in the U.S., Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada and the EU, can register in Ukraine for 17 days. This is stated in the message of Ministry of health.

Groisman promised that the government will seek to reduce the prices of drugs since February and lack of them will not be 31.01.2017

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