Groisman on non-payment of salaries to physicians are Brave: penny the government doctors did not owe

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has no debts to doctors specialized physician-sanitary part of №14 in Smila Cherkasy region, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the hour of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada, the correspondent of the Internet edition «GORDON».

MP from the «Samopomich» Iryna sysoyenko, which is now camped out in Parliament in protest against unpaid wages, said that the problem is «solely the responsibility of the government» because the state budget should be allocated for payment of salaries of medical workers.

«Penny, the government doctors of this hospital did not owe. If owed, would have solved this back in the beginning. What is the question? Under the current legislation, which was adopted a few years ago, these specialized clinics are transferred to local budgets. The whole country took these clinics, these medical institutions based on their budgets and finances today, but it turned out that the Bold has taken quite a different decision – not to take them in his own budget. And thus they lost the status of a public institution and the local institution did not accept them. It is a question of responsibility of local authorities», – he said.

Groisman added that the government should intervene to help people, «to repel the inaction on the local level.» According to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet is working to have this facility to return in state property and to repay the debt.

«And then we will put the issue of transfer (the medical establishment. – «GORDON») in Bold, as is the current law», – said Groisman.

He said that he would appeal to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, «so they conducted an investigation of who brought up the educational arrears of salary to these doctors.»

Yesterday Sysoyenko said that neither the Prime Minister nor the acting Minister of health Suprun not decide the first 11 months of the problem 160 families employment of staff who do not pay wages. She announced the protest and stayed the night in the Parliament.

Groisman on non-payment of salaries to physicians are Brave: penny the government doctors did not owe 10.11.2017

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