Groisman instructed to check 5 basic Teplokommunenergo. The team of «Zaporizhiaoblenergo» started the strike

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman has instructed the Minister of regional development, construction and housing and utilities Gennady Zubko to check five basic utility companies in Ukraine. He told about it in interview «Radio Freedom».

The team of «Zaporizhiaoblenergo» started the strike

«I have instructed the Minister of housing, utilities and regional development, to take five key enterprises in the country. And we should check to see what still happens on the ground. It is very important to us,» he said.

According to him, the increase in tariffs will not become a pretext for the enrichment of private power companies.

«What can be abused on some basic level, I think it can take place. But the system – no,» — said Groisman.

The Prime Minister noted that the funds are received from citizens, get to cash businesses, where they can control the tax administration and audit Department, which complicates any possible abuse.

«I’m not saying that they (the abuses) no. There probably is. But here it is necessary that the law enforcement system to react», — said Groisman.

The team of «Zaporizhiaoblenergo» started the strike

The staff of the utility company «Zaporizhiaoblenergo» from November 18 began an indefinite strike. This was reported on the website of the company.

It is alleged that a debt to employees «zaporizhzhyaoblenergo» on wages is UAH 60 million. The blame for the debts of the Union confer on the National Commission of regulation of energy and utility tariffs

Participation in the strike, which began at 8:00, takes about 3 thousand Zaporozhye power — the entire staff of the company who are not directly involved in the technical work. Just «zaporizhzhyaoblenergo» employs nearly 6 thousand people.

Energy 10:15 come out to protest on the Festival square in Zaporozhye.

JSC «Zaporizhiaoblenergo» the government owns over 60% stake, minority stake — the brothers Surkis and Konstantin Grigorishin.

On the eve of Igor and Grigoriy Surkis has received the agenda of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine in case of withdrawal of the company «Zaporizhiaoblenergo» through contracts of assignment.

Groisman instructed to check 5 basic Teplokommunenergo. The team of «Zaporizhiaoblenergo» started the strike 18.11.2016

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