Groisman believes Kvitashvili Amateurs

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Groysman believes the current Minister of health Alexander Kvitashvili Amateurs and not professional in the business. About this the speaker of the Parliament said on the evening of February 22 broadcast of «freedom of speech» on ICTV.

«We have a health Minister who is not capable for more than a year to tell the Ukrainian society about the healthcare system… If it isn’t capable — how can you say that he withdrew his resignation? It had to meet — and he goes further engaged in their work», — said Groisman.

According to the speaker, the Minister of health is an Amateur.

«And this Minister, who is not a professional, which is the Amateur who can’t give anything to society — he remains to work in the government. It is not about the Minister, we are talking about professional people who in their lives did something, I can clearly say: I’m going to do the position, for example, the Minister of health, I think health care will look like that, we will be able to receive such medical services», — said the speaker of the Parliament.

Recall, Kvitashvili has said he is retiring in July 2015, however, all this time voting on this issue in Parliament did not gain the required number of votes. 4 February it became known that he takes his statement.

Groisman believes Kvitashvili Amateurs 23.02.2016

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