Groisman and Orban had agreed on the construction of the motorway to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border

Ukraine and Hungary are going to build the freeway to the joint border until 2020 and elaborate on the introduction of joint border control.

According to the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, on Thursday, November 24, during a meeting with Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban , the Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman made a proposal to hold the next meeting of the Commission on cross-border and cross-border cooperation.

«Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Hungary also pledged and took the responsibility to 2020 to build a highway to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border», — is told in the message.

According to the proposal, the parties agreed to instruct the Ministers of foreign Affairs, together with the heads of border and customs services to examine the issue of introducing a joint border control and the possibility of improving the operation of existing transmission to provide the most comfortable and quick border crossing.

Groysman thanked the Hungarian side for the decision on the extension of the 2017 deadline for the implementation of the project «Efficient and secure border between Hungary and Ukraine.»

Also, the Ukrainian Prime Minister stressed the need to increase the number of permits without payment of road tolls for the Ukrainian carriers in 2017 and urged the Hungarian Prime Minister to consider such a possibility.

Groisman and Orban agreed that the governments of both countries in the near future will create and agree on implementation schedule of priority projects between the two countries and immediately begin its implementation.

Prime Minister of Ukraine thanked Hungary for agreeing to provide a loan of €50 million for border infrastructure development.

In this context, Groisman proposed after the signing and entry into force of this financing agreement immediately go to the practical implementation of joint projects, in particular the construction of a bypass road around Beregovo and reconstruction of the road «Berehovo-Mukachevo» expansion and modernization of the border crossing point «Beregsurány-Luzhanka (Astei),» the construction of a new checkpoint «Nagyhalasz Big Palad ‘» and implementation of the joint border and customs control, the construction of a new bridge over the river Tisza near the international checkpoint «Chop-záhony», roads between Dyida (Baraggia)-Beregdaroc.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border to build a new checkpoint «Dyida – Beregdaroc», which will connect the Hungarian motorway M-3 and the track «Chop – Kyiv».

Groisman and Orban had agreed on the construction of the motorway to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border 25.11.2016

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