Groisman and Omeljan quarreled at session of the government for Railways

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian at the government meeting on January 25 criticized the government and the public company Ukrainian Railways «Ukrzaliznytsya» and handed the Prime Minister a document on corrupt practices on the railway, writes «Ukrainian truth».

«The confusion for judicial work has led to the fact that over the past few months Ukrzaliznytsya lost ships at about 2 billion hryvnia,» — said Omeljan.

Groisman stood up for Balcona, comparing his experience and Omelyana
The Omelyan again spoke about the increase of tariffs for passenger transportation

«I have a question for Mr. Balcony also. How do you like working with Mr. Mikhalchuk? How well supports Mr. Dubnevich? Loss from corruption by 1 billion hryvnia in 2016. Did this come from? Who are these people? What do the deputies of regional Railways on the reform of corruption?», — put questions Omeljan.

«Appointments — they’re crazy. Such a company can afford the best specialists on the market: not from the West — from Ukraine, but the best,» said the Minister.

«Because this is not a toy. This is not a company manufacturing bicycles,» said Omeljan.

Omeljan gave Groisman facts collected by the Ministry of infrastructure and noted that he hoped to further professional discussion with the participation of the Prime Minister.

In turn Groysman said: «I would ask… Maybe tell NABOO better… something you’ve been hiding this information.»

The head of Ukrzaliznytsia Wojciech Balczun also responded to the accusations of the Minister Omelyana.

«I honestly feel uncomfortable in this daily dialogue with the Minister, which is not conducive either to the reform or Ukraine. I’m not responsible for all the court cases that are left to us in inheritance, 360 million dollars. These things have been lost in all instances. We can save the situation wherever possible,» said Wojciech Balczun.

«My advisors keep telling me that we need more PR, because in this country it is the most important. We don’t do that. Comparing with the scale of what we have found, is the best thing we did,» said Balcon.

The head of the Railways admitted that talks with the people’s Deputy Yaroslav Dubnevych, as he heads the parliamentary Committee on transport.

Ukrzaliznytsya buys parts that produce company brothers Dubravica.

Bogdan and Yaroslav Dubnevichi are people’s deputies from «Blok Petro Poroshenko».

Current member of the Board of Railways Sergey Mikhalchuk in 2009-2011 he was Deputy Director General of Ukrzaliznytsia Mykhailo Kostiuk, famous for being patented with Dubanevychi rail mounting, for which Ukrzaliznytsia annually paid millions of hryvnia.

Groisman stood up for Balcona, comparing his experience and Omelyana

During a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers Volodymyr Groysman expressed support for Wojciech to Balcony in a dispute with the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan.

Groysman asked Balchune, where he worked the last 5-7 years, to which he replied that he was the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lot Polish airlines and the head of the Polish freight railway.

Then Groysman asked Omelyana, where he worked the last 5 years.

«I worked in the government of Ukraine after the completion of my University, but when I don’t have the competence, I’m attracted to independent experts who give me an objective picture,» said Omeljan.

Groysman said: «what positions have you worked?».

«The Ministry of infrastructure from December 2014 — the Deputy Minister, then Minister. Before that I worked in the Cabinet office, before that I worked in the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of economic development the post of head of the Department,» said Omeljan.

After that, Groisman said that «unfortunately, now you have no expertise in the Railways.»

«The Minister is a serious person, should support and lead to success. The Minister can’t afford personal relationships towards subordinates. I would not want to personal relations were hostage to the success of the Ukrainian railway», — said the Prime Minister.

He added, referring to the Omelyan, «Maybe strife can be enjoyed in the office of the Minister and the government to do is not necessary, it is necessary to behave adequately». He said that he fully supports the decision of the transfer of Railways under the leadership of the Cabinet.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers at an extraordinary meeting approved a new Charter of PJSC «Ukrzaliznytsia», according to which the Ministry of infrastructure loses the right to be the management body of the company.

The Chairman of PJSC «Ukrzaliznytsia» Wojciech Balczun welcomed the decision to transfer the company under the control of the Cabinet.

The Omelyan again spoke about the increase of tariffs for passenger transportation

The Ministry of infrastructure is proposing a phased increase in tariffs for the carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo in domestic traffic in 2017 from April 1 to 10% and from 1 October to 10% in all categories of trains and carriages (except carriages of the 1st class train «intercity+»). This is referred to in the draft order of the Ministry «On approval of tariffs on transportation of passengers, baggage and cargo baggage by rail in the internal message», writes «Interfax-Ukraine».

According to the explanatory note to the document, it is envisaged to bring the current tariffs for transportation of passengers by rail in accordance with the main forecasting macroeconomic indicators of economic and social development in 2017, approved in the established procedure by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Indexation of tariffs in December 2017 year to December of the previous year, according to him, will be 21%.

The authors of the document note that the level of tariffs for the carriage of passengers in domestic traffic has remained unchanged since October 2014, all types of cars, in addition to cars SV and trains «intercity+», and in cars SV since 2009.

«In terms of the forecast for 2017 without indexation of tariffs to bring passenger traffic to the level of break-even (zero cost) tariffs would need to increase three times», — stated in the note.

In addition, rail transport carries a significant social burden because of the implementation of domestic and suburban passenger transportation tariffs below the economically reasonable level, and the transportation of preferential categories of citizens determined by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Cross-subsidization of passenger transportation by cargo in 2016 is expected to reach 9.9 billion UAH, and in 2017, according to forecasts, more than 11 billion UAH.

«Indexation of tariffs will allow to partially reduce cross-subsidization of passenger traffic due to trucks and, to some extent, offset the cost of maintaining the fleet of passenger and baggage cars,» say the authors of the draft order.

In addition, it is noted that only at the end of 2016, the volume of transportation of baggage and cargo is expected to reach 12.4 million ton-kilometers, for the implementation of such transport received 10.1 million UAH of income.
The costs were $ 54.7 million UAH. The proceeds cover the costs of 18.4%, which is twice less than in the whole of the passenger traffic in the inner (long) message (37.4 per cent).

As reported earlier, PJSC «Ukrzaliznytsia» at the end of 2016 are submitted for consideration by relevant ministries and agencies the question of indexation of tariffs for passenger transportation by 35% to index the rates proposed in two stages: in the first quarter and in the fourth at 16%.

20 Dec 2016 Balcon said that ticket prices for travel in rail transport will increase in 2017.

«We have no other choice because they do not live in a vacuum. The last price review occurred in 2014,» said Balcon.

Groisman and Omeljan quarreled at session of the government for Railways 25.01.2017

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