Groisman almost switched to «pee-pee» after learning about the suspicious decision of the Appellate court

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman instructed to inspect the decision of the Appeal court of Kyiv to recover the smuggled funds in the amount of 230 thousand euros, and more than 783 thousand dollars of the USA citizen of Italy, who was detained in October 2016. Corresponding instruction he gave at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on 11 January, reports «Ukrainian truth».

«In one of the border crossings for customs officers detained a citizen of Italy with a million dollars cash. The first instance customs won … the court of Appeal Decision of customs is obliged to return the money, and the citizen of Italy to recognize innocent,» – said Groisman.

According to him, during the court session the representative of customs has not even given the word.

Groisman also called the name of the judge of Appellate court of Kiev, which made the decision – Miller V. In.

The Prime Minister said that customs officials offered a bribe of 200 thousand dollars for the return of illegal smuggling, but «they didn’t do it.»

«Today I will appeal to all the authorities competent to review the decision of the court», – said the Prime Minister.

Groisman said that will also appeal to the National anti-corruption Bureau and called on the Ministry of justice to join the consideration of this question.

«Everything else that I would like to say to the judge, I will refrain. Because it will be the only signals «PI PI PI» in the channel. I would not want to do this, but I stress again that one must have a conscience,» he said.

Another decision at the meeting on Wednesday, the Cabinet initiated an internal investigation against the Chairman of the State ecological Inspectorate Andrew Zaika.

According to the Minister of ecology and natural resources Ostap Semerakat the end of 2016 in relation to the management of the state ecological Inspectorate has received several complaints.

Recall, 23 October 2016 at the airport «Kiev» customs officers stopped the Italian in the Luggage which was a large amount of cash is 230 thousand Euro and 783 thousand dollars. The woman was going to fly on a Charter flight to Milan and proved that carries the diplomatic bag and in her suitcase notebooks, not money.

Permissible amount of movement of currency without declaring — 10 thousand Euro.

Groisman almost switched to «pee-pee» after learning about the suspicious decision of the Appellate court 11.01.2017

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