Groisman admitted that he was not an owl, not a lark

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman says that he has days off. He said this in an interview with UKRINFORM.

Regarding your work schedule Groisman said the following: «I Sleep differently, depending on when the working day ends. And to end it maybe in the first hour of the night, and in the second, and even three».

On the question of who he is Prime Minister, «owl» or «lark», the Premier replied as follows:

«I «non-stop». Of course, then, depending on when you ended the previous day, if complete in 3 hours the night can start at 9 and 10 o’clock the next working day. But sometimes, if necessary, again at 8. So, too, is is back closer to dawn, but 8 should be at work. Himself correct, so there’s no weekday or weekend. Constantly working day. Therefore, it is difficult to «switch», as you say, but so far,» he said.

Groisman also admitted that he would like more time to devote to the sport.

«Now – a little. Of course, it would be necessary some of the time to find a sport I can feel it. But not yet obtained. Normalize the situation in the country, will return to normal, everything will be fine, then we will find more opportunities to keep yourself in shape,» he said.

Groisman admitted that he was not an owl, not a lark 05.01.2017

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