Groisman about Yezhov: I find it very strange that he was taken out through the main entrance of the Cabinet and under the camera

The situation with the detention of members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Stanislav Yezhov, which was broadcast live on television — a strange, says Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman. He said this on air of the channel «Ukraine» on the evening of 30 December, it has been broadcast on the premiere page in Facebook.

«We spent six months looking for along with the SBU, who exactly from the Protocol office, this Secretariat (the transfer of information. – «GORDON») was engaged. Just a few weeks before the arrest, we already knew who it was, and then there was the detention, as it (Yezhov. – «GORDON») wanted to leave the territory of Ukraine. This question we worked for more than six months after he received a signal about the leakage of information,» – said Groisman.

He noted that Yezhov was not an official interpreter.

«He was engaged in Protocol activities. He had no access to any special, privileged information with restricted access. It was the official negotiations which the media cover. As for revelations, I think that such instances we are not alone in different services. He worked with 2004 in the U.S. Embassy, he is a career diplomat, he worked in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the presidential Administration, was the translator of Viktor Yushchenko. He had a track record, and you never know when one decides to betray his country,» – said the head of government.

According to him, the betrayal of Yezhov in this record of the spies – not the weird part.

«Why he was taken out through the main entrance of the Cabinet, with the camera, for me today is very strange. Even the special car was at the back of the Cabinet and there were no signs that it will withdraw directly under the camera, and so loud. I think this issue requires interpretation. I was told that as I wanted to put some «Bang» to my reputation, but of such things as my reputation does not change,» – said Groisman.

SBU detained the Deputy head of Department of Protocol of Groisman Yezhov 20 Dec. He was suspected of working for Russian intelligence services. It was noted that the official was recruited during a trip abroad.

Yezhov was informed about the suspicion of treason under part 1 of article 111 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The sanction of article provides imprisonment for the term from 10 to 15 years.

Informed Ezhov worked in the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA, and also in the Administration of the President of Ukraine. In the management Protocol of the Cabinet, he was responsible in particular for the translation of meetings with foreign delegations. The official was accompanied by Groisman in all international negotiations and in all trips.

On 22 December the Shevchenkovskiy district court of Kiev arrested Yezhov on February 17, without the right to bail.

In December 2016 Yezhov has successfully passed the test according to the requirements of the law of Ukraine «About the cleansing power».

Groisman about Yezhov: I find it very strange that he was taken out through the main entrance of the Cabinet and under the camera 31.12.2017

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