Groisman about raiding: we Have only one recipe, it’s called «on the floor»

The Cabinet of Ministers and the National police there is only one recipe against raiding, it’s called «on the floor», said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during the hour of questions to the government, the correspondent of the Internet edition «GORDON».

«I want to emphasize: we have in the government, the National police is only one recipe. He called the Ukrainian language», oblichchyam in pclogo» and in Russian «on the floor». So I would like to emphasize and call upon all law enforcement officers across the country – is the position of the Chairman of the National police and Minister of internal Affairs: if someone somewhere in any corner of Ukraine carries out the physical seizure of one’s property, immediately respond, arrest, bring to court and to demand punishment,» he said.

During the meeting, MP from the group «Renaissance» Oleg Kulinich asked, did you complete the verification notary Anna Pavlovskaya from the Dnieper, which the morning of November 4 implemented registration action for the change of the founders of Agrofirm «Orzhytskyi», though there is an injunction against such actions. He recalled that in the evening the company tried to capture.

The Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko said that the Ministry of justice completes the test.

In October 2016 the Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft law No. 5067, which increased liability for raiding. President Petro Poroshenko signed it.

In August 2017 Petrenko said that this year in Ukraine the number of complaints about the raiding has decreased in tens times.

Groisman about raiding: we Have only one recipe, it’s called «on the floor» 10.11.2017

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