Gritsak during Euromaidan was on our side of the fence — Yarosh

During the revolution of Dignity the acting head of the security Service of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak has been actively helping the wrestlers with the regime of Viktor Yanukovych «, and not only». About this on his page in Facebook informs the chief editor of the portal «Censor.NO» Yury Butusov with reference to the former leader of the movement «Right sector», people’s Deputy Dmitry Yarosh, who now heads the Ukrainian Volunteer corps (DUK).

DUK, we recall, has long been the military wing of «Right sector» («PS»).

«Arose called and asked how he evaluates the statement Portnov (former Deputy head of the presidential Administration on legal issues — ed.) that in February 2014 the current Chairman of the SBU the Hrytsak appointed Advisor to the Chairman of the SBU Yakimenko, are wanted for crimes against Maidan», — the journalist explains the reason for his appeal to the head of Duca.

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Posted by Yury Butusov on 23 November 2015

Further Butusov leads direct speech Yarosh:

«I talked a lot on the Maidan with Hrytsak, but we have seen then that he did not in words but in reality on the side of the people. He was in reserve of the SBU. By that time on the Maidan helped us with advices, and not only. Anything that was against the Revolution, never heard from him, on the contrary, he was on our side of the barricades.

To communicate regularly with Hrytsak I started after the beginning of the war, when his work for Ukraine was evident to all. He made a significant contribution to the strengthening of the SBU, and helped all who truly fought, including «the Right sector».

Currently, continued Yarosh, thanks to the decision Hrytsak in the composition of the SBU created «divisions of patriots to defend Ukraine in zone anti-terrorist operation» that involved fighters of «Right sector». «Such cooperation is well appreciated guys. And the words Portnov is just an attempt of one of the enemies of Ukraine to create another small political provocation», — said the head of the DUK.

We will remind that after long discussions with the headquarters of ATO a large number of combatants Duca had the opportunity to obtain legal status as full-time employees of SB of Ukraine, in particular, departmental special forces «alpha».

Yarosh endorses such actions of its supporters and calls them a manifestation of the statist approach.

«Keep running and shout «Re-vo-Lu-TSI-I!» is fairly easy, but to do specific revolutionary steps in state building is much difficult because it is painstaking work,» he said.

Nationalists in the ranks of the special forces of the SBU, Yarosh says, should «provide inspiration for other state power structures».

Gritsak during Euromaidan was on our side of the fence — Yarosh 25.11.2015

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