Grinevich: on time graduates will receive certificates and 12-year-old school will introduce in 2018

The Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych urged the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine before the end of the current session to adopt the law on education.

She stated this during an Hours of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada.

«I believe that in the first 100 days, we need to develop the concept of a new Ukrainian school. This concept needs to be discussed before September 1, in professional circles, among the public. And after that we will be able to make a new law on General secondary education», — said the Minister.

She called on the Parliament «to the end of this session to adopt the law on education».

This bill, said Grinevich, today in the Verkhovna Rada Committee on education and science modified for repeated first reading.

In addition, the Minister stressed that «no one will go to the sudden introduction of the 12-year study without new content, without earmarked budget funds without proper teacher training and the network of institutions.»

«The program is a minimum we introduce 12-year-old school with 1 class of 2018,» — said the Minister.

Grinevich assured that graduates on time will receive educational documents.

The Minister informed that this year, 441 thousand persons must obtain a certificate of secondary education, and will also be 327 thousand graduates of the 9th classes.

According to her, it was found that «the mechanism for issuing documents that was introduced, unfortunately, would lead to a situation where the documents on education of children would have received not earlier than July».

«So we had to take the first anti — crisis measures, we adopted the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which returns a proven mechanism, and we still save budgetary funds», — said Grinevich.

The Minister stressed that «the documents on education will be on time.»

Grinevich has asked the Verkhovna Rada to adopt a decision on additional financing of external evaluation in the amount of UAH 30 mln.

«I appeal to the Verkhovna Rada as soon as possible — the next plenary week to pass the government draft of the complete financing of the EIT in the amount of 30 million UAH for salaries of persons involved,» he said.

According to Grinevich, it is about those people who «accompany the procedure of EIT is that it is objective and fair».

Previously Grinevich reported that the Ukrainian secondary school will move to a system of twelve-year study of the European sample.

«Have to explain what a 12-year school and why in the European Union until the age of 18 a person necessarily receives school education. Another thing that we need to diversify these possibilities for a person to he in a three-year senior professional education could get a job. So arranged education in the European Union, because it allows you to prepare children and teenagers to life in the twenty-first century society», — she noted.

For the introduction of the 12-year system at secondary school had been the previous Minister of education and science Serhiy Kvit. The statement was made in response to the statement by the Minister of Finance about the need to reduce the period of secondary education up to 9 years for the purpose of budgetary savings.

Grinevich: on time graduates will receive certificates and 12-year-old school will introduce in 2018 22.04.2016

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