Great Ukrainian encyclopedia will be released in electronic and paper form

A Large multi-volume Ukrainian encyclopedia /BUE/ must be published both in electronic and in paper formats, especially because the opportunity is there.

On 3 November during the round table meeting in Ukinformation Director of the Department of publishing and press, the State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine Oleksiy Kononenko, the Agency reports.

«We are absolutely open to publish a volume of the encyclopedia in printed form. If electronically it can be done, there will be a portal where information should be complemented by, still, I believe that the paper edition should be», — said Kononenko.

According to him, to publish the BUE volume on thin paper to save money to do more volumes. And the money for these purposes can be taken in the framework of the program «Ukrainian book», which the government tasked to implement the state Committee.

First Deputy Chairman of state Committee Bogdan Chervak also supported the position about necessity of creation of BUE because of the Ukrainian Soviet encyclopedia does not meet the requirements of the time.

«Actually it is a huge challenge. To create a Great Ukrainian encyclopedia, which will be concordant with an independent Ukrainian government. Will the developers with this challenge, it will be clear only after 50 or 100 years, because the encyclopedia is created for the ages,» said Chervak.

As recalled by the doctor of historical Sciences, Director of the state scientific institution «Encyclopedic publishing house», Deputy Chairman of the main editorial Board BUE Alla Coridon, a Great Ukrainian encyclopedia — a modern reference online service and at the same time, the multi-volume edition, which was launched in January 2013 by the joint efforts of the staff of the state scientific institution «Encyclopedic publishing house» and authors from all over Ukraine — mainland and Diaspora.

The online version of EW, in her opinion, will become an effective educational resource for online education as a form of distance learning. «The creation of the portal of the Great Ukrainian encyclopedia will help to organize all of the development and provide users a convenient tool of search and work with found material,» — said the scientist.

«If we talk about the structure of the encyclopedia, we are now preparing the letter «a» as a pilot project. To see what is the result of cooperation of scientists over the slogans on the letter «A». And prepare for publication and the publication of the first volume just on that letter,» added Alla Coridon.

The project is designed for the widest possible audience, in particular such segments as the General public, practitioners and scientists, students, schoolchildren. For each of these target audiences developers BUE are preparing special offers.

«Each nation declares itself when it creates a large national encyclopedia. This original card, without which, I am convinced that Ukraine will not be able to exist. I want to emphasize that academic institutions should all be included in this project and to implement it. Because without this issue, HOWEVER it will be very difficult,» — says doctor of Philology, academician of NAS of Ukraine, Director of Institute of literature.T.G.Shevchenko of NAS of Ukraine Mykola zhulynskyi.

Recall, a Great Ukrainian encyclopedia — multivolume encyclopedia of universal nature, whose publication is planned for the years 2013-2026, according to the Decrees of the President of Ukraine № 1/2013 «On the Great Ukrainian encyclopedia» and No. 7/2015 «the preparation and publication of a Great Ukrainian encyclopedia».

Great Ukrainian encyclopedia will be released in electronic and paper form 04.11.2015

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