GPU qualifies «German» graffiti Goncharenko as hooliganism. In the Parliament need to withdraw it from the PACE

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings against the Deputy Alexey Goncharenko (PPO), painted fragment of the Berlin wall near the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany at Bogdana Khmelnitskogo street in Kiev. On 9 February 2017, said the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko on Facebook.

The representatives of PPO, washed Goncharenko left the inscription. But partially
Mosiychuk demands to withdraw Goncharenko with PACE

«Upon hooligan action near the Embassy of Germany Kyiv Prosecutor’s office initiated criminal proceedings on the legal qualification of part 1 of article 296 UK of Ukraine (hooliganism). The Prosecutor’s office will be provided with complete, objective and impartial investigation of the facts», — he wrote.

In turn Goncharenko considers that, having filled the memorial, which is a fragment of the real Berlin wall, he was absolutely right and this is his personal «note of protest».

«This is my personal protest against those statements which were uttered by the German Ambassador Reichel», — quotes the words of MP
«Espreso TV».

According to Goncharenko, «Berlin wall to exist to do her graffiti.»

«You can go to Berlin. It (the wall — ed.) is all painted from the bottom up. This is the place for the political poster», — said Goncharenko.

The MP believes that it is necessary dekommunizirovat the mindset of people who believe that you can not «write on walls».

In addition, if necessary, he is willing to waive parliamentary immunity.

The politician also has no objection to the investigation in relation to his antics at the German Embassy and said chtio will cooperate with investigators.

«Gun crime — I still have my tank of red paint — ready to pass. Voluntarily waive parliamentary immunity. Let me fully investigate and draw their own conclusions,» — said Goncharenko.

Recall, February 8, Goncharenko wrote paint the word
«nein» on the fragment of the Berlin wall at the Embassy. His act he explained that he did it in protest against the scandalous statements of the German Ambassador Ernst Reichel on elections in ORDA in the presence of Russian-terrorist forces.

The German foreign Ministry and the parliamentary faction «block of Petro Poroshenko» and «popular front», members of the ruling coalition «European Ukraine» condemned the behavior Goncharenko, calling it unacceptable and damaging to Ukraine.

The representatives of PPO, washed Goncharenko left the inscription. But partially

In Kiev, near the German Embassy assistants of people’s Deputy from BPP Dmitry Belotserkovets partially washed the inscription on the fragment of the Berlin wall, which was left yesterday Goncharenko. About this
Facebook wrote Yevgeny Kuzyk, assistant to Belotserkovets.

«Together with colleagues partially washed «creation» to the painter, and together with the German Embassy very much regret that we have elected officials… the Historic Berlin wall is primarily a symbol of liberation from communism and Sovietization + this violation of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations,» wrote Kuzyk.

According to him, the gesture Goncharenko has nothing to do with common sense and international diplomacy.

«Well, the Embassy representatives came to us and talked and realize that in every country there are petty bullies. It is a pity that any, among members of Parliament, representatives of the people…,» said Kuzyk.

Mosiychuk demands to withdraw from the PACE Goncharenko

The people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk (HGK) appealed to the Verkhovna Rada with the requirement to raise the question of the recall of a Deputy Goncharenko Ukrainian delegation to PACE for a protest at the German Embassy. This statement Mosiychuk was made on Thursday, February 9, from the parliamentary rostrum.

«Need to clarify the diplomatic sabotage that yesterday at the Embassy of Germany made the people’s Deputy Goncharenko, to evaluate and to raise the question about revocation Goncharenko with PACE», — quotes the words «radical» «Ukrainian truth».

According to him, this call to join the fighting in Avdeevka soldiers of volunteer regiment «Kiev» and other deputies.

GPU qualifies «German» graffiti Goncharenko as hooliganism. In the Parliament need to withdraw it from the PACE 09.02.2017

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