GPU published the extract from Protocol of interrogation Sakvarelidze on the case of bribery (DOCUMENT)

Extract from the interrogation of the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine — the Prosecutor of Odessa region David Sakvarelidze about offering him a bribe in the amount of USD 10 million. published on the website of the Prosecutor General.

Earlier at a briefing on Monday 29 February, the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General Vladislav Kutsenko announced some of the details of this interrogation, indicating that Sakvarelidze didn’t name the person who offered him a bribe of $ 10 million.

As promulgated phase of the interrogation, the offer of a bribe received 11 April 2015 during the holiday Sakvarelidze National Botanical garden of them. N. Grishko in Kiev from «unfamiliar man», which was presented by Vitaly and behaved as if they knew each other. According to the testimony of the Deputy Prosecutor General, this man announced that he is engaged in the business of transportation of petroleum products (gasoline trading), and also reported that his business was «protected» as in customs, and in law enforcement, «senior officials of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine».

«This man reported that the scheme importation of petroleum products to senior officials of the General Prosecutor’s office brought 10 million dollars monthly. He immediately said that this scheme can be continued to be implemented. In addition, as far as I remember, the person in the conversation called the name Makarenko as officials from customs, which had been interested and worked in this scheme», — stated in the Protocol of interrogation Sakvarelidze.

He added that the man was informed that the decision on the appointment of «their» transport Prosecutor, who would supervise the transportation of petroleum products, had paid 300 to 400 thousand US dollars.

.Sakvarelidze said that the situation and behaviour of the man were similar to the provocation voiced a suggestion he did not take seriously and «immediately stopped the conversation, telling him that he spake not to that.»

«Then this man, not insisting on continuing a conversation, walked away from me and went in an unknown direction. In the future, I this person never met,» added the Deputy Prosecutor General for interrogation, noting that remembered this man and can learn.

Earlier at the briefing, the Prosecutor Kutsenko called «lies» the statement of its colleagues, made on one of the talk shows that the investigation of this case «merged».

The Prosecutor voiced excerpts from the Protocol of interrogation: «Walking in the garden (words of David), I was approached by a previously unknown man, who introduced himself as Vitaly, he was dressed in gym clothes holding a purse. According to information, began to offer him a bribe. Next passing by as king David says, where he walked through the Botanical gardens, but they didn’t hear this conversation. The name Vitaly is not specified.»

He also stressed that the prosecutors would like to Sakvarelidze still called the name of a Vitali.

According to the Prosecutor, the records from surveillance cameras of the Botanical garden are directed on examination.

«So far, unfortunately, his face (Sakvarelidze) is not recorded on camera,» — said Kutsenko.

As reported, in April 2015, the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Sakvarelidze at the meeting of the Parliament refused to name the man who offered him 10 million. bribes.

«On this fact criminal case is brought, the name, unfortunately, today I cannot name due to the fact that it is in the interests of the investigation, but the results of the investigation will be announced later», — said Sakvarelidze.

GPU published the extract from Protocol of interrogation Sakvarelidze on the case of bribery (DOCUMENT) 01.03.2016

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