GPU explained the RAID on the Vietnamese people in Odessa against counterfeiters, and the rigidity of GFS — «injuries to law enforcement»

A day after the resonant searches in Odessa Vietnamese town Office for public relations and media General Prosecutor’s office explained took place on 23 may 2016 actions of prosecutors and the State fiscal service. Review posted on the official website of the GPU.

It is noted that the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine under the protection of the employees of the Department of active measures of the Main operational Directorate of the State fiscal service of Ukraine conducted a special operation against organized criminal groups of immigrants from Southeast Asia, which operated on the territory of the city of Odessa». According to the above information, the criminal group specialized in committing a wide spectrum of criminal activities, namely illegal financial transactions and currency exchange, counterfeiting, the smuggling of excise goods (alcohol and cigarettes), gourmet products (caviar), illicit movement of firearms and drugs, as well as the forgery of official documents.

«The results of complex of measures withdrawn from illegal circulation of national and foreign currency, billets counterfeit banknotes with par value of 100 US dollars and currencies of the European Union, equipment for money, banknotes detectors, two Kalashnikov assault rifles, a pistol and ammunition, a unit of smooth-bore semi-automatic weapons, about half a kilo of potent drugs, which, according to preliminary estimates, is heroin, a large number of rough accounting about the appeal of multi-million dollar amounts of currency, trade of tobacco and alcohol products, the contents of which are currently being analysed, fake registration certificate of the car, etc.» — stated in the message.

The rigidity of the law enforcement officers in the exercise of investigative actions, as reported by the media, the GPU explains that «representatives of the Vietnamese Diaspora was committed to active physical resistance with bodily injury to law enforcement officers and damage to the official vehicle.

Now is the purpose of examinations, interrogations of witnesses, victims.

«Pre-judicial investigation proceeds», — noted in GPU.

Recall, may 23, in the residential complex «Lotus Village» on the street Grushevskogo arrived employees of tax police and prosecutors. During the searches took place clashes with the local population, filemyfiles door. The Vietnamese claim that under the guise of the search, the security forces allegedly «robbed» them for a total of about 0.5 million dollars. In addition, they say that the commandos assumed their office equipment, mobile phones, expensive alcohol.

Around the perimeter of the site of the operation was exhibited enhanced police cordon.

May 24, Vietnamese businessmen picketed the Odessa regional state administration. The city should arrive representatives of Embassy of Vietnam in Ukraine.

GPU explained the RAID on the Vietnamese people in Odessa against counterfeiters, and the rigidity of GFS — «injuries to law enforcement» 25.05.2016

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