Gozman: the Russians in war you’re not? That’s great, if it were true

On Russian propaganda TV channels with the «wild hatred» perceive the words that one should not abandon its soldiers, as it happened after the detention in the Luhansk oblast of a Russian military Victor Ageev. This was told by Russian opposition politician Leonid Gozman in Facebook.

«The Russians in the war not leaving? That’s great, if it had been true. And so they shout about it on every corner, and in life – Pskov paratroopers were buried in unmarked graves, two of the commandos, from which they strongly refused, – because we are not there. And now, corporal Ageev», – he stressed.

The politician has published his speech at a Russian talk show and violent reaction of the guests in the Studio on his words.

«Ladies and gentlemen, who served in the army, you can imagine a greater shame than what our generals refuse my soldier? They say: «No, it is not our soldiers». That’s more shame to the army, the state, I can not imagine. I condemn this war, I condemn the annexation of Crimea, I condemn our involvement in the Donbass, but it is our soldiers. You have to get out all the forces,» – said Gozman live, after which the Russian policy started at the same time to shout at him.


Gozman: the Russians in war you’re not? That’s great, if it were true 15.07.2017

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